Liam Gallagher says he gets ‘battered on stage’ and has brandy to ‘chill out’

Liam Gallagher reckons the secret to his longevity is getting “battered” on half a bottle of brandy before he hits the stage.

The Oasis legend turned 50 yesterday and admits he needs a few drinks to keep his cartoon wild man of rock persona going.

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Liam revealed: "I’ve been walloping the brandy with honey and hot water. It’s half a bottle of brandy before I go on.

"I’ve been getting a bit battered on stage recently. Not battered, just… I wouldn’t say nerves. But I think as you get older, you’re not as cocksure. So I’ve been having a brandy just to chill me out a bit.

"And as you get on there, about the seventh song or the sixth song, you think, ‘Yeah, this is actually all right this, man. I’ll have another one’. By the time you’ve done your 20th song, you’ve done a bottle!"

50 is normally a time for reflection but Liam doesn’t think he will ever slow down.

He told Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1: "The main thing for me is, obviously I smoke and I drink and I get involved, unlike some rock stars. And I’ve been doing that since I was 14, 15. I might have had six months off a couple of years go for a breather, but I’m normally drinking and smoking and whatever.

"So my voice will change, and it will change over years anyway. But it’s all about in there.

"It’s like, soon as that mic opens, soon as that mic’s there and you go to put your stamp on it, if you feel it there."

Liam has recorded an exclusive birthday Home Session for Apple Music, playing a cover of John Lennon’s I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama, I Don’t Wanna Die.

He said: "It’s proper naughty rock ’n’ roll. I think it’s better than the original."

Liam has been focusing on his solo career in the years since Oasis went their separate ways – but he recently said he's "ready to go".

Speaking to Ladbible on their Ask The Audience podcast, he said his "bags are packed" and said it's the "best band in the world".

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