Lul G, Former Member of SOB x RBE, Arrested on Murder Charges

Lul G, whose real name is George Harris, is facing one count of murder after a recent arrest in California. The rapper was arrested by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office on September 21st on the murder charge, the Sheriff’s department confirmed to Rolling Stone. He is currently being held at the Stanton Correctional Facility. Bail hasn’t been set and no information on a court date is available at this time.

Harris rose to prominence as a member of the Vallejo rap quartet SOB x RBE. During their ascent, the Bay area group was known for frenetic, sparse, and familial songs like “Anti” and “Always.” “Paramedic!,” their Kendrick Lamar collaboration on the Black Panther soundtrack, signaled that the group was marching toward more mainstream recognition, but frequent break-up rumors and solo deals hampered the group. According to a representative for SOB x RBE, Lul G has not been a member of the group since 2018. Ultimately, Lul G signed to Def Jam as part of a recent initiative by the label to invest in new talent.

Lul G has allegedly been on probation since he was 17-years-old, following armed robbery and gun charges. “They’ve been making it difficult,” Lul G said in a Fader cover story. “Like, it’ll be big opportunity that none of us will probably ever see again in our lives and they’ll just tell me, ‘No.’ Straight up. It’s like, basically, y’all want me to lose my career, so I have nothing, so I’m forced to do stuff that’ll have me stuck in this system.’

Def Jam did not immediately respond to comments on Harris’s arrest.

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