Oti Mabuse’s stunning ‘secret’ third sister who is ‘best dancer of the three’

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the devastatingly talented Mobuse sisters, Oti and Motsi Mabuse.

Now, Oti, 30, is set to become even more famous as a judge on The Masked Dancer, which debuts this weekend on ITV.

However, the dynamic duo has a gorgeous third sister, who has swerved fame even though she is said to be the best dancer of the lot.

Their sister, Phemelo, is the middle sibling in the family.

Aged 35, she is an MBA graduate who works as a mechanical engineer, building windmills in their native South Africa.

And despite Oti and Motsi’s global fame in the dancing arena, it’s actually Phemelo who is the best.

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Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show recently, Oti revealed: “To be honest, we have another sister, middle sister, she was the better dancer.

“She's a mechanical engineer [now]. She designs windmills which create electricity through wind in South Africa.”

But as well as building windmills, Phemelo has also kept her toe in the professional dance world.

She won the coveted South African title in Latin American & Ballroom in the Juvenile, Junior and Youth categories and later went onto represent South Africa four times at the World Dance Sport Championships.

She also teaches dance in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

The sisters rarely post pictures of all three of them together, but when they do, fans can’t believe how alike they all look.

Oti remarked once that they all have the “same nose” but one commentator gushed they also have the “same lips” and “who is who? I’m confused about so much beauty."

Recently on Instagram, Phemeleo commented: "I love how my sisters embrace their natural state, it makes them sooo beautiful to me @motsimabuse @otimabuse."

Oti responded: "You mean no makeup?

"You're beautiful the most when you're happy @phemelom."

Meanwhile, Oti is gearing up to become a judge on the new ITV show, The Masked Dancer – with Jonathan Ross.

She has a trick up her sleeve, she said, to make sure she wins.

Oti said: “It's aired in America and has been really successful.

“Actually the more established dancers or accomplished dancers, they fake it at the beginning, they want to come across as though they're bad but likeable and then they make it further.

“But I think you can see what they're going to do.”

She added: “I'm really, really bad at game shows, but dance shows, not too bad. We'll see… I'll Google them from the clues. That's the thing. I'll have you [Jonathan], you'll be by my side, partners in crime.”

Motsi is an esteemed judge on Strictly Come Dancing, as well as being a former professional in the German version of the show while the other is a two-time Strictly champion.

South African born Motsi and Oti both became interested in dancing when their family moved to Pretoria and are quite frankly unstoppable when it comes to their moves.

Oti first caught the public’s attention when she joined the hit dancing show in 2015. She was a formidable force and by 2019, paired with Emmerdale’s Kevin Fletcher, was crowned the winner.

She went on to win again the following year with comedian Bill Bailey – certainly, at the start of the competition, the odds would have been against the 56-year-old funnyman, who didn't look like a natural mover.

Motsi burst into the British dancing scene in 2019 when she replaced veteran Strictly judge, former professional ballerina Darcey Bussell.

She was an instant hit with her warmth and humour and her uncanny resemblance to her younger sister.

Motsi is actually based in Germany, where her dancing and judging career began in earnest, and runs a dance school in Kronberg in between her TV commitments.

The 40-year-old was previously married to her dance partner Timo Kulczak, who she met at a competition in Blackpool. They were wed for 11 years and divorced in 2014.

Motsi is now married to a different dance partner, Ukrainian-born Evgenij Voznyuk.

They tied the knot in Mallorca in 2017 and had a little girl the following year. Motsi is extremely private about her personal life so the name of her daughter is unknown.

Both Oti and Motsi were on track for super high-flying jobs before becoming dancers. Motsi was studying law at the University of Pretoria and set to join the family law firm before swapping her legal studies for dance.

Similarly, Oti was shaping up for a much more academic career before dance took over.

She studied civil engineering for four years because she “liked maths and science”. Their mother was very keen on the girls getting a stellar education so really pushed them to excel at school – but Oti said that she missed dancing too much once she started work.

She too made her way to Germany where she met her husband, started professional dancing and was seen by Strictly bosses, who brought her to the UK.

Oti’s husband is a Romanian dancer called Marius Lepure. He specialises in Latin and ballroom and was also tipped as a favourite to replace Brendan Cole thanks to his popularity with the other dancers.

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