Piers Morgan slams ‘vile’ trolls celebrating Donald Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has let rip at people on Twitter gleefully basking in President Donald Trump testing positive for coronavirus.

The outspoken co-host of Susanna Reid hit out after social media was flooded with grim tweets celebrating Trump's illness as the President confirmed he and his wife Melania are suffering.

Posting to his 7.6 million followers, Piers wrote: "Interesting to see those who’ve spent the last few years screaming that Trump’s an uncaring, heartless empathy-devoid b*****d now spewing their gleeful joy that he and his wife have a deadly virus.

"They’re no better than the man they loathe."

After one follower replied: "People who aren't tolerant and kind don't deserve tolerance and kindness," Piers hit back: "Then you’re neither tolerant nor kind."

Another follower wrote to Piers: "I hope he makes a full recovery. I hope everyone around him avoids long-term health issues.

"I'm still going to point out he's a fool for catching it after six months of mocking people for wearing masks."

As he replied: "That’s fine. It’s the ecstatic glee I am witnessing that is so distasteful & hypocritical from those who preach about tolerance and kindness.

We saw the same when Boris Johnson nearly died. It’s vile."

Another told Piers: "You can’t deny that it’s ironic that a guy who said it was a hoax and that it would magically disappear has now contracted it. He has also been so lame in dealing with it that the US is in a terrible mess. This is his mess."

Piers chimed back: "Nobody’s been more critical of Trump over Covid than me. But I don’t want him or his wife to die from it. Those who do are despicable."

Confirming the news via Twitter at 5.54am GMT, Trump, 74, wrote: "Tonight, @FLOTUSand I tested positive for COVID-19.

"We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately.

"We will get through this TOGETHER!"

Piers and Trump were friends before the President unfollowed him after the former newspaper editor criticised his stance on gun control.

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Piers is one of the few people Trump has granted an interview to in the UK.

In 2018 Piers was invited on Air Force One for a televised chat with the President.

The United States of America is just one month away from an election.

Earlier this week Trump and rival candidate Joe Biden were both widely panned for the first of their TV debates.

Rather than debating, the duo were accused of shouting and ranting at each other in a bid to score cheap shots.

Writing in his Mail Online column, Piers scathed: "Piers is one of the few people Trump has granted an interview to in the UK.

In 2018 Piers was invited on Air Force One for a televised chat with the President.

Which, when you think President Bill Clinton was caught lying about having cigar sex with a 22-year-old White House intern in the Oval Office, is quite something."

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