Prince Harry has ‘no way back’ after ‘worthless’ invite to Charles’ Coronation

Prince Harry's invite to the upcoming Coronation may "seem worthless" as the duke has "no way back" after his blistering attacks against the Monarchy.

Harry has unleashed a string of bombshells in his memoir, Spare, including allegations suggesting his stepmother Queen Camilla was responsible for leaking stories to the press.

The dad-of-two also goes into detail about private conversations with his older brother Prince William, as well as his dad, King Charles.

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Meghan Markle's husband opens up about a physical altercation with the Prince of Wales during a heated row at his former home, Nottingham Cottage, within the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Speaking to the Daily Star, relationship expert and founder of Wingman, Tina Wilson has shared her views on the disgruntled duke.

Tina explained: "He has undeniably unleashed a media storm with comments that will find it even harder for Prince Harry and the Royal Family to work out their differences.

"Prince Harry will see this as his truth, and we will only hear his side as it's likely the Royal Family will stay silent.

"From a relationship perspective, I doubt there is any way back for Prince Harry after speaking so candidly on TV in the way he has."

She added: "I think the King will feel Prince Harry has crossed the line and this will only further push the families apart.

"He has no official part in the King's Coronation now so that invite may seem worthless.

It was reported that Harry, along with his uncle Prince Andrew, Duke of York, wouldn't hold a ceremonial role in the Coronation – along with the likes of the Duke of Kent.

"There seems to be a lot of hurt and anger between the brothers which must stem from their unique positions within the Royal family," said Tina.

She added: "But also, past trauma from the loss of a parent and that special bond between a mother and child has affected Prince Harry in many ways and perhaps him speaking out is a way of 'letting go'.

"Prince Harry claims he loves and wants his family to heal but I doubt this will mend the rift as I feel Prince William, and the public, will think Prince Harry is being passive-aggressive with his comments, which is not a productive way of rectifying the situation."

Tina believes that Harry ought to contact his brother and The King privately in order to forge a new relationship with them.

The relationship expert also believes Harry "feels damaged" and has "unresolved issues" from his younger years by naming his book Spare.


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