Scarlett Moffatt ditches filters on glam Instagram snaps to save mental health

Scarlett Moffatt has stopped using social media filters over concerns they were damaging her mental health.

They enhance photos, letting users make themselves appear younger or thinner online.

But there’s a danger it can cause you to develop crippling insecurities.

After realising filters weren’t doing her any favours, I’m A Celeb champ Scarlett decided to ditch them. She said: “My piece of advice for newbies when it comes to social media is to try not to use filters too much.

“Not just for those viewing your online presence, but for your own mental wellbeing. You are perfect as you are!”

Scarlett also called time on her Twitter account after deciding it was too negative for her liking.

And she has no regrets about that decision either. She said: “I simply deleted it and I don’t find it a great loss.”

But Scarlett is keen to focus on the social media positives.

When she’s on TV, she logs on to Instagram to see what fans think.

She said: “If someone’s gone out of their way to send me a piece of positivity, it brings me joy and I try and reply to everybody.”

Meanwhile, Scarlett has taken to social media to defend Michael Owen's daughter Gemma, who is being targeted by trolls since going on Love Island.

Scarlett wrote on social media: "I've got to say Gemma is my favourite girl already, like she seems very down to earth. "She's so dinky small and 19 – so young.

"Poor Gemma Owen. I’ve seen so many nasty TikToks. People saying she’s trying to tell everyone her dad’s Michael Owen.

"Firstly, so what? He is. I talk about my family all the time.

"Secondly, someone asked her what her second name was, she said Owen, which it is?

"Thirdly, someone was talking about football and she had an opinion on it."

Calling the trolls out for their comments, Scarlett added: “I’m not saying that people can’t have an opinion on people on the telly.

“But when those opinions become negativity, become disrespectful, become almost bullying, that’s when it needs to stop.”

Scarlett is back on ITV2 panel show CelebAbility, starting on Thursday at 10pm.

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