Sexiest celebs who flash killer curves in backless chaps – Kylie Jenner to J-Lo

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Ever since Christina Aguilera wowed fans with her chap-clad display for the music video for her track Dirrty, celebrities have followed in her footsteps and donned the sexy backless trousers.

From Kim Kardashian to her sister Kylie Jenner, makeup artists Nikita Dragun and James Charles, and Beyonce Knowles-Carter too – celebrities are obsessed with this super cheeky and slightly daring trend.

2019 saw Coachella filled with high-profiled celebrities and social media stars who donned racy chaps and rodeo get-up.

If you're unsure what chaps are, they are a practical cowboy garment made up of two, groin-less trouser legs connected by a belt.

Christina Aguilera

Although chaps existed before, Christina Aguilera kickstarted the backless chaps trend back in 2002 when she released the music video to accompany her hit-single Dirrty and brought chaps into the mainstream.

Starting up the trend in the noughties, almost 20 years later celebrities are still obsessed with the naughty trend.

At the time, back in 2002, everyone was stunned when Christina changed her appearance from Disney's American sweetheart to sultry, sexy singer.

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner dared to bare when she donned chaps for her Halloween look back in 2016.

The internet blew up when Kylie posted the snaps of her dressed as Xtina for Halloween – with everybody freaking out because she looked so different to her usual glammed up self.

Posting a video and a series of snaps on Instagram, she said: "Can I be XTINA forever?"

She wore a black, white and red leather look that showed off her toned midriff and stunning figure.

With a blonde wig that had bright blonde highlights and brunette undertones, she also sported a makeup look that left her looking very much like Christina.

James Charles

22-year-old American beauty YouTuber and makeup artist once donned chaps while attending Coachella.

Known for sporting denim thongs, bottomless chaps, and sheer crop tops, James often wears sultry fits that leave his followers stunned.

James opened up to Seventeen Magazine back in 2019 where he famously chatted about gender stereotypes, saying: "I’m not the most confident in my body. I don’t know why, my identity is something that I’ve always struggled with.

"Like obviously I’m a boy in makeup – but I’ve always enjoyed very feminine things and I’ve tried to educate myself more about gender identity and societal stereotypes and stuff like that."


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Last month Queen Bey even donned some sexy chaps to show off her enviable derrière.

The stunning singer showed off her bare bum in some extremely cheeky denim chaps in an eye-popping teaser from her Ivy Park Rodeo line with Adidas.

The star posed for the campaign photographs while showing off her peachy bum, which was on full display in all of its glory.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Beyoncé went back to her roots as she dressed in the ultimate western-style.

With denim chaps, a denim thong, a cowboy hat, western boots and a denim shirt – she embraced her hometown as she posed up a storm with her peachy behind on display.

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez loves to show off her fantastic figure, and did so when she performed onstage during Calibash at the Staples Center on January 20, 2018.

She actually ditched the 60th annual Grammy Awards because she headlined her own main event at Calibash.

Showing off her toned bottom, the star put on one hell of a performance, wowing fans with her stamina, body and talent.

Cardi B

Cardi B once wowed fans when she donned a pastel pink and baby blue western look.

Complete with some western-style chaps, she showed off her toned, taut stomach and peachy behind when she wore this daring look.

Wowing her fans, Cardi B wore the look for a show that she was performing in Houston, Texas back in the spring of 2019.


Halsey once donned some sexy chaps too, which left fans with their jaws on the floor.

Wearing a black leather look, the singer wore a red head of hair teamed with some sizzling chaps.

The black leather look was sure to turn heads, and with just the right amount of bum cheek on show, pulses were sure to be racing.

Her outfit was worn especially for Lil Nas X's 'cowboy themed birthday party' back in May 2019.

Taking to Instagram to post the sizzling ensemble, she captioned her post, "When someone says 'cowboy themed birthday party' and you already own the chaps."

Halsey's video of her twerking in chaps left Lil Nas X saying: "ayeee."

Nikita Dragun

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Makeup artist Nikita Dragun has worn backless chaps many times.

Showing off her sizzling figure, Nikita often wows her fans by showing off her perky bottom.

In one of the assless chaps outfits she has donnes, Nikita wore an all blue denim look complete with shoulder-high gloves, backless chaps, a tiny boob tube and a large oversized hat.

Complete with silver trimming and fringing, Nikita's daring look was a huge hit among fans.

Hennessy Carolina

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Donning a pink and black cow print ensemble, Cardi B's sister Hennessy Carolina sizzled when she wore this daring look.

Paired with denim cut offs and a wide-brimmed hat, the star looked stunning as she posed with thigh-high chaps on that bared her midriff and peachy bottom.

Strutting her stuff on a pink red carpet, Hennessy ensured all eyes were on her in the get-up.

Kim Kardashian

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In 2020 during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that happened across the globe, reality star Kim Kardashian posted new series of Instagram snaps from home.

Wearing a high-fashion cowgirl getup and a white blond wig, she penned: “All dressed up with nowhere to go.”

Paired with a white bra and underwear set, she sizzled as she wore belted white leather chaps.

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kylie Jenner

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