Shaun Ryder unveils major career U-turn as he plans to get captain’s licence

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Rocker Shaun Ryder is planning to get a captain’s licence and sail around the world with his wife.

The Happy Mondays singer’s missus Joanne has a dream he will put his music career on ice and they will sail off into the sunset on their own personal voyage.

Although the trip sounds idyllic, Shaun is convinced his wife would end up murdering him if it were just the two of them at sea together for months on end.

He said: “My missus wants to get a boat and sail around the planet on it. So if I disappear you’ll find me on a boat somewhere with the missus.

“Although I’ll probably be tied up, strangled and murdered if we’re locked on a f***ing boat together!”

Even if Shaun does give his wife her dream trip, he doesn’t think he’ll ever retire as he plans to keep on rocking until he drops dead.

The 59-year-old frontman – who has just released his new solo album Visits From Future Technology – added: “If you’re still enjoying what you’re doing you just don’t retire. Look at Tom Jones, look at The Stones, you know – f***ing hell.

“You just carry on doing what you love doing – just writing, being a song and dance f***ing dude, jazz hands, the lot, until I eventually fall over.”

Shaun has gone back on the road with his band Black Grape despite suffering severe pain as the pair of cysts are pressing on nerves.

He admitted he has refused to go under the knife as he’s haunted by seeing his granny come out of a cancer operation with both legs amputated – and the torment of his double hip replacement.

Step On singer Shaun, famed for his "you're twisting my melon, man" lyric, said about the prospect of surgery: "I just don't want them messing with my b*****ks.

"It was bad enough having my hips done."

The reformed hell-raiser added: "My nana ended up losing her f*****g legs – I haven't had to get my f*****g legs taken off yet.

Despite only turning 59 last week, Shaun says he feels a year older and now fears death.

He added: "I'm f***ing 60 now, so I've only 20 years left! – if I get to 80."

Shaun was first struck by a testicular cancer scare last summer when doctors traced his agonising nerve pain to a lump in one of his testicles.

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