Sinead O’Connor ditches music and social media to pursue writing career

Musical legend Sinead O’Connor has jumped on Twitter to confirm her retirement from the music industry, just weeks after she made similar claims before retracting them.

In a Twitter post she said she had been in two minds about the idea of retiring but finally decided to begin her new career as a writer.

She wrote: “This is to announce that having been in two minds about retiring I have now, in consultation with my medical team, and on their advice, decided to go ahead and retire so that I may now focus on my new career as a writer."

In the long post she detailed her history fighting against far right activists in Ireland, saying she owed immigrants of Ireland for her “life and soul”.

In her talk against the far right she said: “Their online activities are demeaning and damaging to the people of Ireland. And to all foreign residents and visitors. And what is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.”

Confirming her plans, she outlined what will be happening in the coming years, specifying her final album Veteran Dies Alone is set to be released in April of 2022 without promotion.

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She detailed the deletion of her Twitter account by saying: “I will be closing my Twitter page in the next few days to enjoy being a private citizen. And enjoy my new life as a writer. I sincerely thank my fans for the love they’ve shown me down the years, as well as my co-workers. We’ve had a great adventure, now it’s time for the next one.”

Sinead has constantly fought against injustice, with an appearance on SNL pushing back against the sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Church as early as 1992, nine years before John Paul II would acknowledge this as true.

In the appearance Sinead was only set to sing an acapella version of Bob Marley’s War but surprised the production as she pulled a photo of John Paul II out and ripped it into pieces as she said “fight the real enemy”.

The SNL crew had no prior knowledge of what she was planning to do and the audience went silent, with the NBC Vice-President of Late Night Rick Ludwin saying when he saw what she did he “literally jumped out of his chair”.

The move received a lot of backlash from the media and in a 2002 interview with Salon, when asked if she would changed anything about the incident, she replied: “Hell no!”

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