Taylor Swift to Release 'You Need to Calm Down' — and Announces Release Date for New Album Lover

Taylor Swift has some big news!

On Thursday, the 29-year-old pop star announced on her Instagram Live that her new single "You Need to Calm Down" will be released at midnight — and revealed her new album, Lover, will include 18 songs and is set to drop Aug. 23.

“So a lot of people, I saw, had a theory regarding the idea of ‘Calm etc. etc.’ I can confirm that I have a new single tonight coming out tonight at midnight. It’s called ‘You Need to Calm Down.’ I’m so excited for you to hear it,” Swift announced on Instagram, adding the video for the track will premiere June 17 on Good Morning America. “The video is very worth the wait. There’s a lot going on in the video; I wanted that to be a separate discovery.”

Swift went on to discuss the album itself, revealing that the release date — Aug. 23 — adds up to the star’s lucky number, 13: August (the eighth month of the year), plus two and three.

“This album in tone, it’s very romantic — and not just thematically, like it’s all love songs,” Swift said. “I think the idea of something being romantic, it doesn’t have to be a happy song. You can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life … It looks at things with a very romantic gaze.”

The Grammy winner went on to show the pastel-hued cover of her album, revealing that it is now available for pre-order on iTunes and adding that a whopping four separate deluxe editions will be available for purchase upon its release. In addition to the deluxe packages — which will include two behind-the-scenes audio recordings about the new music — Swift announced she has partnered with fashion designer Stella McCartney on a Lover-themed collaboration.

“There’s gonna be a collaboration that I’ve done with Stella McCartney. She’s been a friend for a really long time,” Swift said. “There’s so much whimsy and imagination and romance to the clothing that she designs. I’ve worn a lot of her stuff recently. She’s heard the new album, and this new collaboration is inspired by the Lover album.”

Ahead of her official Instagram announcement, a pre-order of the album appeared to pop up early on iTunes before the Apple platform quickly removed it.

Swift had previously teased the announcement on Wednesday, telling her fans to watch out for her Instagram Live.

“Hey guys, so at 5 pm eastern tomorrow I’m gonna be doing an Instagram live. Just filling you in on some stuff and things and you know. Hope you’re free tomorrow,” she shared in a quick video.

As the Grammy-winner gears up to release her seventh album, she has been dropping hints as to what fans can expect.

Swift told The Independent in May that the title of the album is hidden in the music video for her latest single “ME!” as something viewers see once and hear twice.

The clues have led many to believe that the album may be called Lover, as the word is seen in the video, and sung by both Swift and the track’s featured artist Brendon Urie.

Of course, Swift has been careful not to reveal too much information as she’s more than confident that her loyal Swifties will be able to put all the pieces together in time.

“I trust them to eventually unravel all of them, even if it isn’t until they hear the full album,” she explained. “That’s how I designed these clues, so that different ones would reveal themselves over time.”

In a recent interview with German outlet DPA, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer has also shared that her new music will feature a political message.

“I definitely think there are political undertones in the new music I made,” Swift said, according to translations as reported by multiple outlets. “I’m not planning to stop encouraging young people to vote and to try to get them to talk about what’s going on in our country. I think that’s one of the most important things I could do.”

In October 2018, Swift, who had previously rarely shared anything about her political beliefs, publicly endorsed two Democratic candidates running in the Tennessee midterm elections.

More recently, Swift used her voice to take a stand for LGBTQ rights at the start of June, when the singer shared a copy of a letter she had written to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, urging him to support the Equality Act, which would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“While we have so much to celebrate, we also have a great distance to go before everyone in this country is truly treated equally,” Swift told fans, urging them to join her in writing to their own state senators.

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