The One Show’s Ronan Keating emotional as he issues touching tribute to late mum

Ronan Keating broke down in tears as he shared a touching tribute to his late mother Marie Keating marking 24 years since she passed away.

The One Show host was seen getting visibly emotional as he posted an update to his followers on Instagram to mark the anniversary of her death.

Marie tragically passed away from metastatic breast cancer on February 2 1998 at just 51 years old after it was not detected early enough for her life to be saved.

Ronan, 44, was just 20 years old when his mother died and at the peak of his fame with Boyzone, in the years that followed he worked alongside his siblings Ciarán, Gerard and Gary and Linda and his father Gerry to create The Marie Keating Foundation.

The charity, still run by Linda, has done pioneering work to enable early diagnosis, treatment, and help to provide a vital support system for breast cancer sufferers throughout every stage of their journey with the disease.

Admitting his heartbreak at not being able to share his life with his mother, Ronan opened up to his fans about his regrets that Marie never met her grandchildren.

He said: "I often look at social media and wonder, 'why are people posting such private things?'

"And I think, after the day I've had today I think it's because it's nice to share and because it makes you feel like other people are understanding what you're going through.

"It made me think about what I'm going through today. I lost my mum 24 years ago today. My family and I went through the most horrible, horrible situation, losing our mum."

He continued: "Marie Keating. She died 24 years ago. She was 51 years of age. She died of cancer. She was our best friend. She was a legend, she was as cool as they come. The best ma.

"She never got to meet her grandchildren, well most of them. She's got so many incredible grandchildren and it's heartbreaking that she never got to meet them.

"I wonder about the conversation I'd have with my mum today about my children, about my life."

Ronan then confessed to missing having the chance to find comfort in his mother when life gets tough.

He said: "There's so many things in the 24 years that I've been through and I've done that I'd love to share with mum.

"Also to get – when your mum puts her arms around you and says, 'everything's going to be OK'. – that feeling. I don't get that anymore and there's nothing like that feeling.

"When you're going through a tough time and your ma tells you, 'everything's going to be alright', well then you think it's going to be alright. That's what happens."

The inspirational dad of five then used his platform to encourage others to act quickly and be aware of the changes in their bodies that could indicate a cancer diagnosis.

He said: "One message would be, pay attention to your bodies. Cancer is such a horrible disease and early detection is your best chance of survival.

"Mum died from one of the most curable forms of breast cancer which is heartbreaking. But today there is a 98 per cent success rate, survival rate when it comes to that cancer which is fantastic. Thank God."

Ronan then broke down in tears as he lovingly described each of his children and thanked his mother for bringing his wife into his life.

He said: "So I think about the conversations I'd have with her now about the kids. Some of them are so grown up. Jack's 22, Missy is 20, she's on Dancing With The Stars and Ali's loving her horseriding and Jack loves his rugby.

"Coops is a little legend and Coco's a rascal. They're beautiful children, they're gorgeous mum.

"Stormy's amazing. Thank you for putting her in my life. I miss you and I love you."

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