The truth about Demi Lovato’s relationship with Max Ehrich

Demi Lovato has had a rough go at love. For a time, it seemed like Wilmer Valderama was going to be her forever person. According to E! News, the couple started dating when she was just 18 years old, but ended up splitting in 2016 — after six years. That relationship could have graduated from university and gotten a master’s degree, and since then, it seemed like the star struggled to find something as meaningful and long term. Then, Max Ehrich came along, but from the looks of it, he’s always been within an arm’s reach.

Since 2018, Lovato has been working on herself, which includes a newfound sobriety and releasing single championing the importance of self-love. Then, unexpectedly, the star began flirting up a storm with a dreamy, soap actor on Instagram. He seemingly came out of nowhere, and fans were left to wonder: who the heck is this dude, and why do his abs look like they were 3D-printed in heaven? 

Lovato’s relationship with Ehrich has been an utter whirlwind. In a few short months, they’ve gone from being strangers, to roommates, to potential spouses. Here’s the truth about the former Disney Channel star’s new love.

Max Ehrich has a Disney Channel connection

Demi Lovato’s low key love, Max Ehrich, isn’t a household name, but maybe that’s just what the former Disney star needed. That’s not to say that Ehrich doesn’t have success of his own. He’s an actor whose earliest credits include small parts on shows including Parenthood, Ugly Betty, and iCarly. He also had a role in The Pregnancy Pact, which might just be Lifetime’s most underrated made-for-TV flick.

Still, Ehrich’s talents really shine in the world of soaps. His big break was a 120-episode stint on the long-running series The Young and the Restless. According to his Instagram account, it led to four Emmy nominations — and he planned to bring his mom as his date to one of the award ceremonies. “A lot of it feels like a dream in a sense,” he told SheKnows about landing a nomination. “Ever since I moved [to Los Angeles] and I get to do what I love to do for a living, it is kind of enough already. So to get this kind of recognition and a nomination, it is just not something I ever really thought would happen.”

Daytime soaps may seem far removed from Lovato’s world of pop stardom, but Ehrich also has a Disney Channel connection. The star appeared in High School Musical 3, which debuted the same year Lovato starred in Camp Rock. He also had a two-episode run on Shake It Up. He was right under Lovato’s nose the whole time!

Demi Lovato isn't Max Ehrich's first Disney Channel boo

Demi Lovato’s love life has been highly publicized in the tabloids — from her split with Wilmer Valderrama to all that Jonas Brothers drama. For the most part, Max Ehrich has managed to escape the same fate (the perks of working in a niche industry like soaps) but he still has a documented affinity for Disney Channel stars. Lovato may be his last, but she isn’t his first.

According to Seventeen, Ehrich first moved to Los Angeles with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland to chase their shared Hollywood dreams. Hyland has her own Disney connections — she voiced Theresa Fowler in Disney XD’s Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Sadly, the couple split in 2008 after about a year of dating.

Ehrich kept it tuned to the Disney Channel for his next high-profile relationship. According to J-14, he dated KC Undercover star Veronica Dunne (above) for three years, but they called it quits in 2017. The soap star quickly moved on to model Sommer Ray, who he met through Dunne’s Shake It Up co-star Bella Thorne, according to Entertainment Tonight.

By now, you probably get the point. Ehrich has been Disney-adjacent for virtually his entire career. It was only a matter of time before he bumped into Lovato.

Max Ehrich crushed on Demi Lovato for almost a decade

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich seem written in the stars — or at least written in a series of steamy, loved-up public Instagram displays of affection. In truth, Ehrich has been crushing hard on the star for nearly a decade, and he wasn’t afraid to let everyone know it.

In 2011, the soap star tweeted, “All I wanted for Christmas was Demi Lovato. #cantalwaysgetwhatyouwant….” Sometimes, though, you can get what you want. Sometimes, all it takes is patience, and Ehrich clearly had plenty of that.

Now, a tweet isn’t technically forever, since you can always delete it providing someone didn’t save the receipts via screenshot. Lovato, however, did save the receipts. In an Instagram story post (via Entertainment Tonight) with plenty of affectionate emojis, the “I Love Me” singer posted a screenshot of Ehrich’s declaration of lust. “Every Christmas?” she wrote, adding, “We love a little manifestation.” After that, she posted some mirror selfies of her kissing her man proving that if you put something out there, it will be. Who knew?

Before meeting Max Ehrich, Demi Lovato's heart needed a break

Demi Lovato took a pause from dating in 2018. Following her terrifying relapse and overdose, she spent most of the year single. When she did jump back into the dating pool at the end of the year, the singer struggled to find a longer term partner. Since splitting from Wilmer Valderama, none of her relationships seemed to last more than a few months, though she’s sorry not sorry because it ultimately led her to Max Ehrich.

According to Us Weekly, fashion designer Henri Levy was the singer’s first fling since entering recovery, and they actually met in rehab years prior. At the time, he seemed like a blessing. They were both sober and did regular Hollywood things like kiss outside of Nobu and drive around in a Mercedes-Benz. Lovato was reportedly “head over heels” — until she wasn’t. They split after four months.

A few months later, Lovato moved on with Bachelor contestant Mike Johnson. This was a month-long whirlwind that saw Lovato make at least one rose-related Bachelor joke on Instagram before it fizzled out, according to E! News. In her defense, how could you not? She then quickly jumped into a relationship with model Austin Wilson, according to People. This didn’t stick either, despite their thrilling jaunt on Disneyland’s Space Mountain. They called it quits in December 2019, and Lovato entered the new year looking for love.

Demi Lovato was ready for the real thing when she met Max Ehrich

When Demi Lovato split with Austin Wilson, she vowed to focus on herself, her work, and “her relationship with God,” according to People. That ended up paying off. By the time the “I Love Me” singer appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in 2020, she’d cultivated a fierce sense of self-love. In her words: she was “single as all hell” but “never felt more loved” in her life.

The interview, which was published in April, likely took place mere weeks before Lovato fell for Ehrich. Maybe it’s true what they say: you can only find love when you’re not looking for it; you have to love yourself before anyone else can … or whatever cliche someone’s aunt pins on Pinterest. Either way, the singer entered 2020 with the bright optimism that her prince (or princess) charming was about to come in on their white horse (or luxury SUV).

“When I imagine my life in the future, I don’t say, ‘I’m looking for a man who I want to have two or three kids with.’ I think it could be so much fun to share children with a woman … So I don’t know what my future will look like, and I’m open to anything,” she told Harper’s Bazaar, adding, “People always ask me, ‘What’s your type?’ And I’m like, ‘Have you seen my history?’ There is no type. It is solely off connection.”

Flirty Instagram messages sparked Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich's romance

You can’t get anything past Demi Lovato’s fervent fanbase of Lovatics. In March 2020, evidence was thin that the singer had met a new man, but rumors were ignited when fans noticed a couple of “flirty” Instagram comments sent between the pair a week after they were spotted together in Los Angeles. According to Us Weekly, it all went down on March 11 when the former Disney Channel star commented on a video of Max Ehrich singing “to my already love her forever?

Once is a coincidence. Twice is a pattern. Two weeks after the initial flirtation, the singer was back at it. Ehrich posted a shirtless photo of his impressive abs with the caption “When u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine” (as if he truly ran out of shirts and just had to walk around looking like a half-dressed hunk). Lovato replied, “Fine by me.”

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, they had met through friends “a few weeks” prior to the messages, which likely places the start of their relationship in February. Apparently, they were “off to a strong start.” Indeed, it would seem so.

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich jumped right into quarantine

Normally, you don’t move in with a brand new fling, but Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich took a leap of faith at the very start of their relationship. According to E! News, they had only been dating a few weeks when lockdowns swept the nation in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. The pair decided to quarantine together at Lovato’s house, and it was “going really well.” Ehrich even hit the major milestone of meeting Lovato’s closest friends — through FaceTime, of course. We stan a social distancing queen.

When we say things moved fast, we mean fast. By April 2020, the pair was already “falling in love” and “so happy together,” according to an insider who spoke to E! News. Demi’s family reportedly gave the soap star its blessing, and the pair spent their days just like everyone else in quarantine. They were reportedly “ordering in, cooking, and watching movies together.” Lovato even crashed Ehrich’s Instagram Live.

Their relationship debut was in a music video

You’ve probably heard of Scooter Braun through his infamous feud with Taylor Swift, but he also represents Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber. It makes sense that all three of them would collaborate at some point, but no one was expecting Lovato to use the moment to debut her brand new relationship. At the time, it hadn’t even gotten it’s own Instagram grid post!

On May 9, 2020 — about two months since Lovato began quarantining with her new man — Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber released a quarantine-themed video for their collaborative single “Stuck With You.” The visual featured some fan-shot clips, an appearance by 2 Chainz and Camila Cabello, and PDA from Biebs and his wife Hailey Baldwin, who filmed themselves slow dancing in their kitchen, working out, and going on a walk. That’s totally adorable for everyone who isn’t Selena Gomez, but the real interesting part was Lovato’s minor cameo where she planted a passionate kiss on Ehrich. This marked the first time the couple intentionally flaunted their relationship. The rumors were now confirmed true.

Demi Lovato has never felt this kind of 'unconditional love'

Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber’s music video opened the Instagram flood gates, and Max Ehrich became a regular presence on Demi Lovato’s grid. The sheer abundance of their loved-up photos may have seemed like overkill for those of us who are cynical and jealous that we have to quarantine alone, but the truth is that this might be the best relationship Lovato’s ever had. That says a lot considering she dated Wilmer Valderama for actual years.

In a birthday tribute post, the “Sober” singer revealed that she spends her days with Ehrich “bare faced and in a bathing suit.” The couple “literally act like hooligans on the daily and don’t give a f**k” if they embarrass themselves in public.” This blissful, free, open type of love has left a real mark on the singer. 

“I feel unconditionally loved and accepted by you in a way that I’ve never felt before,” she wrote, adding, “I can’t explain it or you.. you’re indescribable, you beautiful, man. Inside and out you are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.. You’re also such a positive lil beam of light in my life and I can’t wait to make more birthday memories together.” On top of that, Lovato’s dog seems smitten, so you know it’s the real deal.

Max Ehrich is a major positive influence on Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato hasn’t always hung around people who lift her up. Entertainment Tonight reported that in the weeks leading up to her 2018 overdose, she was “hanging around with the wrong crowd” and pushing “away people who actually had her best interest in mind.” In 2020, the new and improved Lovato has been paying attention to the company she keeps — especially in her love life. 

A source who spoke to E! News admitted that Max Ehrich was a “good influence” on the singer. “Max is very into music and health, and he doesn’t like to party,” the source revealed, but it’s not just Ehrich who’s a force of positivity. They both make each other better, which is the hallmark of a great relationship. A source who spoke to Us Weekly admitted, “They are very positive influences on each beyond just both being sober.” 

So, how does this manifest in real life? According to the tabloid, the pair have been keeping things creative and recording music while in quarantine rather than indulging in unhealthy vices. They’ve also been sharing resources to help their fans maintain their mental health. Both Lovato and Ehrich seem to have similar self-care routines that include meditation and prayer.

Max Ehrich is totally smitten by Demi Lovato's steamy bikini selfies

It’s no secret that Demi Lovato has struggled with her body image. As Nicki Swift previously reported, the “Confidence” singer opened up about her eating disorder in 2017 when she posted a shocking Instagram Story (via ET) depicting her body before and after recovery. The hopeful message was that “recovery is possible.”

Since then, Lovato has only become more confident. In 2018, she shared a stunning, unedited bikini photo, which she claimed was her “biggest fear” because of her cellulite (hey girl, we all got it!). Her previous bikini snaps, she said, “were edited,” but she was sick of the diets and the grueling workouts.

“I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone else’s standards,” she wrote. “So here’s me, unashamed, unafraid and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day.”

Adopting this new attitude isn’t an overnight process, but it helps to have a boyfriend who’s totally smitten with the way you look. According to E! News, Max Ehrich is “infatuated” with the former Disney star, and it’s evident when he fawns over the very same kind of bikini snaps she was afraid to post two years ago. According to Us Weekly, who captured the comments, the soap star hit Lovato’s recent bikini pic with some heart eyes.

Are Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich already talking about tying the knot?

At the time of this writing, Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich are still in the beginning of their relationship. They’ve only been together about five months, but things are getting more serious than ever. In fact, there might be wedding bells chiming in the horizon — at least if the pair ever gets to leave lockdown.

According to Us Weekly, the former Disney Channel star and her soap actor boyfriend have been “talking about getting engaged.” He allegedly planned to do it after the “whole pandemic is resolved,” though that could be while in California, where cases are still climbing, according to The Los Angeles Times. What’s the rush anway? The pair can totally be cool for the summer.

In any event, the tabloid’s source claimed the proposal isn’t a secret, and Lovato is totally aware. Ehrich apparently picked out a “very sizable” ring, and they’re both “so excited.” Honestly, so are we. After all that Lovato’s been through, the girl deserves her fairytale ending.

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