The Unfortunate Way Diplo Ruined Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Wedding

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner surprised fans when they tied the knot in a Las Vegas ceremony in May. While many that follow the couple thought that they would be getting married in a grand wedding in Paris, they ultimately decided to celebrate in a more spontaneous fashion.

In addition to the family members that attended, Jonas and Turner brought a few celebrity friends along for the ride, including DJ Diplo. As it turns out, Diplo’s excitement over the festivities might have left a bad taste in the newlywed’s mouths.

How long have Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas been together?

Turner, a popular Game of Thrones actress, first met Jonas in the fall of 2016. Sparks seemed to fly quickly and they were spotted together all around town, even meeting each other’s families before the holiday season. In early 2017, the pair started attending red carpet events at the same time but cagily avoided confirming their relationship status to the press. Turner admitted that she was “very happy,” but wouldn’t give any details about her dating life or how she and Jonas spent their days.

Still, their relationship progressed quickly and, by October 2017, they were engaged. They revealed their engagement via Instagram, with Turner flashing a beautiful diamond band. The couple grew even closer, attending family events such as Nick Jonas’s grand wedding to actress Priyanka Chopra in December 2018. Fans wondered when Turner and Joe Jonas would tie the knot themselves, but as it turns out, they didn’t have long to wait.

Why did Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas get married in Vegas?

The 2019 Billboard Music Awards was a star-studded affair, with the Jonas Brothers themselves reuniting to play their new hit song, “Sucker” for an audience full of excited fans. The night was to have a very memorable nightcap, as Jonas and Turner had decided they would be getting married that very evening.

Although the wedding ceremony itself was spontaneous, it seems that there was a very legitimate reason that the two wanted to have a quickie wedding. If they had gotten married in France, as originally planned, their marriage wouldn’t have been recognized as legal in the United States.

A few attendees from the Billboard Music Awards came along for the ride, including Dan + Shea, who sang their song “Speechless” at the ceremony. They also invited celebrity DJ Diplo to provide the music for their wedding. But Diplo’s enthusiasm for social media ended up making the wedding a bit more public than initially anticipated.

What did Diplo do at the Las Vegas wedding?

In a later interview, Turner revealed that Diplo had live-streamed the entire ceremony. Their wedding ended up not being so secretive, with thousands of fans tuning in to watch the ceremony go down as it happened. Still, she said that she wasn’t mad about it. She admitted she would have preferred to keep their marriage private for a while, but didn’t seem terribly upset with Diplo’s action.

Jonas also spoke out about Diplo’s live stream, joking that he had “ruined” the special occasion. He hastily followed up his joke with the reassurance that he loved the silliness of live-streaming the wedding. Diplo responded to Jonas’s comment about ruining the ceremony by saying: “The only thing that ruined the ceremony was your fit.”

Clearly, there’s no ill will between any of the friends — even if Jonas and Turner wish that Diplo had kept the wedding off of social media. 

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