Trisha Paytas strips to world’s skimpiest lingerie amid bitter Gabbie Hanna feud

Trisha Paytas isn't shy when it comes to internet drama with her latest outburst being aimed at fellow YouTuber Gabbie Hanna.

The 31-year-old American star, made headlines in the UK when she starred in Celebrity Big Brother in 2017 and famously stormed off the show following a feud with Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

And it appears three years later the drama is still following the blonde beauty.

Taking to her official Instagram account, hours before she uploaded a YouTube video dragging Gabbie, Trisha posed for her 2.4million followers in her underwear.

Clutching a bag of takeaway food and a drink, Trisha stared seductively into the camera lens as she donned a lace bra and a skimpy leopard-print G-string thong.

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Shortly after she took to her YouTube channel of nearly 5million subscribers to upload a video titled, "Why I don't trust Gabbie Hanna".

In the video, Trisha accuses Gabbie of "spreading" a rumour that she has "herpes".

Trisha, who split from her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash earlier this year, said: "So back in 2017 I did a YouTube video called 'YouTubers I've hooked up with' and by the clues I was giving she guessed I was hooking up with Jason, which I was."

Trisha then went on to accuse Gabbie of telling Jason that Trisha "had herpes", which the star claims was "a lie".

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She continued: "She (Gabbie) texted Jason 'Hey be careful Trisha has herpes and you're sleeping with her'."

Despite it being years ago, Trisha's most recent rant comes after Gabbie uploaded a video to her now-deleted Instagram stories today where she told her fans that it's important to be open with people if you have a sexually transmitted disease.

Following Trisha's video, Gabbie went on Twitter to defend herself after she was inundated with messages from trolls.

After one Twitter user asked her why she "spread a nasty rumour", the social media star responded: "I never spread rumours or gossip.

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"I heard something, then a friend of mine slept with her, and I told him privately to have a conversation and be safe.

"As I would hope any of my friends would do for me if they heard something like that.

"There was no nasty rumours or gossip, it was a one on one convo with a friend because he told me he had unprotected sex with her and I said just have the convo and be careful.

"It's not like I group chatted everyone and told them."

It looks like these two won't be friends anytime soon…

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