Vengaboys Would Love to Have Charli XCX on ‘1999’ Cover

Kim Sasabone and her bandmates are inviting the ‘Boom Clap’ hitmaker to collaborate with them on their version of her 2018 song which featured Troye Sivan.

AceShowbizVengaboys would “love” Charli XCX to jump on their version of “1999”.

The group recently released a new version of Charli’s 2018 collaboration with Troye Sivan, which came about after the pop star named their track “We Like to Party” as her “guilty pleasure.”

“She was talking in a radio show about Vengaboys, because her guilty pleasure song – I don’t know why it’s ‘guilty’ – is We Like to Party,” singer Robin Pors tells

“They were talking about us and somebody said, ‘Could Charli XCX bring Vengaboys back?’ and we were like, ‘Well, we’re gonna borrow your song because 1999 was our best year ever!’ “

And Robin admits the group would “absolutely” be up for a collaboration with the “Boom Clap” singer, saying, “Charli, just call us!”

“That would be so awesome,” adds bandmate Kim Sasabone. “We’d love to work with her!”

Of Charli’s support of the group, Denise Post-Van Rijswijk admits, “It’s really nice to see that such big artists still like us. It’s a really big honour!”

Vengaboys scored a string of massive hits across Europe in the late 1990s, including the chart-toppers “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” and “We’re Going to Ibiza!”, but the group admits critics convinced them their initial success was a fluke.

“Because we broke with Up & Down… everybody was like, ‘They’re a one-hit wonder,’ ” Kim recalls. “And we kind of believed that, because we were so young and you believe what the people who know what they were talking about tell you.”

But, according to Robin, the criticism took pressure off the band and allowed them to enjoy their early run.

“If you can have fun, then everything is easier,” he reflects. “If the pressure gets bigger, then it’s more difficult.”

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