Watch Meek Mill Fight Corrupt System in ‘Free Meek’ Trailer

Meek Mill offers an in-depth look at the years he spent battling an unfair system in the new trailer for Free Meek, the new Jay-Z-produced docuseries set to premiere August 9th on Amazon Prime Video.

Meek Mill was arrested in 2008 on drug and gun charges, and his subsequent conviction earned him an eight month prison sentence, plus five years years of probation. But various low-level violations prolonged Meek’s probationary sentence, and in 2017 he was hit with another two to four years in prison for a pair of non-violent offenses. Meek Mill’s case soon became a point of focus for criminal justice reform advocates, and, following his release from prison, the rapper took up that mantle as well.

The new trailer for Free Meek offers a look at the suspect circumstances surrounding Meek Mill’s arrest, conviction and years on probation, including allegations that his arresting officer gave false testimony and the questionable behavior of Judge Genece Brinkley, who long oversaw the rapper’s case. It also looks at Meek Mill’s recent work as a criminal justice reform advocate and shows how Meek’s case is ultimately indicative of thousands of others affecting people of color around the country.

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