Watch Snoop Dogg Join Morris Day for ‘Lil Mo Funk’ on ‘Kimmel’

Morris Day tapped Snoop Dogg for a performance of the pair’s single “Lil Mo Funk” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Day took the stage inside Kimmel’s studio, clad in a shimmering white suit, and gave the funky song an energized performance with the help of a band and several back-up singers.

In the clip, Snoop joins Day onstage midway through the track, with the pair dancing in unison as they share vocals. The musicians create a raucous vibe, especially as the rollicking track comes to an end. Day released the track, which features Snoop Dogg, only a few days ago, making the performance particularly exciting.

Snoop recently released his 17th album I Wanna Thank Me. The release followed the rapper’s 2018’s gospel album, Bible of Love, and the rapper shared a several songs off the new album ahead of release, including “I Wanna Thank Me” and “Let Bygones be Bygones.” The latter discusses Snoop’s reconciliation with Suge Knight, his former Death Row label boss and asserts that he’s now “cool with everybody.”

The rapper also teamed up with Migos, Karol G and producer Rock Mafia for “My Family,” a track written for the soundtrack to The Addams Family. In the film, which is in theaters now, Snoop voices iconic characters Cousin It.

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