Watch Tucker Beathard Wreak Havoc in ‘Better Than Me’ Video

Tucker Beathard gets his revenge on an ex who dumps him in the humorous new video for “Better Than Me.” Released earlier in 2019, the song appears on a new EP alongside “Find Me Here.”

“Better Than Me” nods to Beathard’s Nineties rock influences, with a huge, arena-ready chorus and guitar crunch to spare as it mines classic country heartbreak for its thematic material. But in this case, song and video are at odds: the song sounds like he genuinely hopes she’s better off without him, while Beathard’s comedic turn in the Justin Clough-directed video gives it wacky, vindictive twist.

After the door is slammed in his face, Betheard dusts himself off. When his ex shows up at the diner where Beathard’s character works, a new, clean-cut guy at her side, Beathard takes it upon himself to make their date unpleasant. He adds hot sauce and an assortment of other less savory seasonings to her burger, then dumps clear liquor in her glass when she asks for water. Amid performance shots that call back to Blink 182’s unforgettable clips, Beathard sells his part with an assortment of exaggerated expressions and a naughty glint in his eye.

“Better Than Me” is one of the early releases from Beathard’s upcoming sequel to the ambitious, independently released album Nobody’s Everything. He’s since signed to Warner Music Nashville, who will release the second installment.

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