46 huge spoilers we discovered from cast at the Soap Awards

I may have ended up with a headache, spent an hour becoming best friends with the legendary Sue Nicholls, threw some shapes on the dancefloor with a very celebratory Hollyoaks team and put the world to rights with the new Ben Mitchell but I did have a job to do at the British Soap Awards – and that was bringing you all of the spoilers and gossip I could find for Coronation Street, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Hollyoaks.

Armed with a camera, a microphone, a shimmering shirt and a welcoming smile, I took to the red carpet and the stars of soapland raced over to Metro Soaps in their droves to share their gossip, banter and, most importantly, spoilers with us.

We have a huge number of videos going up this week to keep the celebrations and excitement going but just to whet your appetite, here is just a paltry 46 things we learned. Yes, 46.

1. Billy and Paul have some happy times ahead in Coronation Street according to Daniel Brocklebank. After a heavy year for the vicar, he has told us he has signed a brand new contract and we will see lighter and much more fun times ahead – but Billy could see his more mischievous side coming through thanks to Paul.

2. Stephanie Davis has warned that the Laurie story is far from finished – and Hollyoaks viewers will be screaming at their TVs as he hasn’t finished causing misery yet.

3. Best Actor winner Gregory Finnegan has promised that we won’t be seeing the end of the cunning and dark side of James. And in the wake of the troubles with Harry and Sadie, there could be an explosive reaction.

4. Isobel Steele has promised that Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty will be instrumental in helping Jacob past what happened with Maya. And she has teased that their relationship will become more special than ever over coming weeks.

5. The chemistry between Ben and Callum is sizzling in EastEnders and there will be much more to come as their complicated relationship develops. But it won’t be plain sailing as Callum also has to deal with his relationships with Whitney and Stuart, Tony Clay teased.

6. Rachel Adedeji reckons that Lisa could well be a match for serial killer Breda when she discovers that she was the one who killed Louis. There will definitely be battles ahead – and Lisa won’t take it lightly in Hollyoaks.

7. Elle Mulvaney is open to more gritty storylines for Amy Barlow in Coronation Street following the teenage pregnancy. She shared that she saw this as an opportunity to prove herself from show bosses to prove herself.

8. Haiesha Mistry warned us that the far right storyline in Hollyoaks will get much worse – with some chillingly dark scenes ahead as the pure loathing from the racist gang hits the Maalik family hard.

9. Louisa Clein may not have filmed her final scenes with Emmerdale after all as she teased to us that there is a lot more to come and she could be back again before long as the aftermath of the story continues…

10. Jessamay Stoddart has promised even more bonkers songs from Liberty Savage – and together we plan to pitch a Christmas album to Hollyoaks bosses…

11. Dawn and Ryan’s on/off relationship will continue according to Emmerdale star James Moore – but whether or not Ryan will be able to forgive and forget remains to be seen…

12. Louisa Lytton has revealed that Ruby Allen will be having a new love interest when things don’t go to plan with Jay in EastEnders. And she narrowed down the playing field by confirming that the first initial of the man’s name isn ‘M’…

13. Victoria Barton’s focus in Emmerdale will be on trying to move past what has happened and determine to bring up a baby as she has always wanted to be a mum, says Isabel Hodgins. But there is huge conflict ahead with Robert who wants Lee to pay…

14. Coronation Street star Stirling Gallacher has warned there could be a devastating split ahead for Paula and Sophie as Brooke Vincent will soon go on maternity leave. But she confirmed that Paula is sticking around long term.

15. Owen Warner has hinted that Romeo could well become darker as the aftermath of Lily’s death plagues him and he begins to exhibit some of his dad’s more villainous tendencies in Hollyoaks.

16. There will be a romantic stirring between Michelle and newcomer James in Coronation Street as their paths cross. But could he be the one to restore her heart after it is inevitably broken by Robert?

17. The Dingles will continue to struggle after Lisa’s death – and Eden Taylor-Draper warns that there might not be any way for Lisa’s shoes to be filled. Life in Emmerdale will never be the same again without the beloved matriarch.

18. Sally St Claire is about to make a colossal mistake as she gets pulled deeper into the toxic conflict between Sienna and Laurie, says Annie Wallace – could she be about to accidentally make things worse in Hollyoaks?

19. With rumours of Sinead’s death growing in Coronation Street, Rob Mallard has promised that Daniel would never be the same again and that his dark nature might well return. Daniel sees Sinead as the love of his life – so without her, he could go off the rails.

20. There are much bigger twists to come for the EastEnders Mitchell storyline, promises Tilly Keeper and Danny Walters. And when the whole mess finally exposed with the many secrets coming to light, they are expecting something colossal.

21. Liam Donovan will get darker in Hollyoaks as he determines to frame Harry for his recent crime. And while actor Jude Monk McGowan reckons the bad lad has genuine feelings for Mercedes, he thinks his ruthless side will always be out to protect himself and his family.

22. There is a serious storyline coming up for Emma Brooker, says Alexandra Mardell. While Emma might be more known for her bubbly and comedy scenes, trouble will kick off in summer and she will struggle to cope.

23. Luke Morgan’s Hollyoaks return will stir up huge trouble between Mandy and Darren which they may struggle to survive. As he comes back on the scene, it’s only a matter of time before the baby secret comes out.

24. Isabel Hodgins has revealed that it doesn’t look like Victoria will get justice for what happened to her as the character wants to put her ordeal behind her and Emmerdale may look to reflect the low rate of convictions in rape cases.

25. More sparks will fly between Adam and Habiba, warns Rukku Nahar – and lust could turn to much more. But will Honey finally discover his true colours in EastEnders?

26. The door is well and truly open for Faye Brookes to return to Coronation Street as Kate will not be killed off – and, as the Connors will be connected to her still, there’s every chance she could come back.

27. There are further battles ahead for Jean Slater in EastEnders, Gillian Wright has confirmed as her cancer fight continues. And the actress is very keen for a Sean return.

28. Jessamay Stoddart has hinted that Liberty will stand up to Laurie in Hollyoaks as she fiercely defends Sienna. And as Laurie’s manipulation continues, he had better beware of Liberty.

29. Sparks could still fly with Belle and Jamie, despite the fact that the Tate newcomer is married with a child. Eden Taylor-Draper revealed that it does present its complications but anything can happen in Emmerdale…

30. Jenny Connor is going to make some drastic changes to The Rovers – which will be quite eye opening for Coronation Street fans and may not go down well with Johnny or the Corrie locals, hinted Sally Ann Matthews.

31. Gregory Finnegan has warned that Hollyoaks #Jarry fans should brace themselves for a bumpy ride as the end could be nigh for the couple – although he hinted that James is adaptable enough to eventually accept the baby into his life.

32. Max Bowden has revealed that there will be further opportunities for Ben Mitchell to rediscover who he actually is in EastEnders aftewr being so consumed by revenge – and Callum could help in a big way as someone to open up to.

33. Lysette Anthony has revealed that Marnie is not giving up on finding love in Hollyoaks but her immediate focus will be on troubled granddaughter Juliet as she struggles to find her way in life.

34. Lucy Fallon has admitted that she doesn’t yet know how Bethany Platt will depart Coronation Street but she hopes that the door would be left open and she is after an uplifting and positive end for her character like travelling or going to university.

35. The war between Kush and Martin shows no signs of dying down in EastEnders – and as things get more personal, they could be torn apart forever as this is just the beginning, James Bye and Davood Ghadami warned us.

36. Misbah is going to face her biggest struggle yet to protect her family against racist and far right abuse in Hollyoaks – and Harvey Virdi is worried that even though her character has always been strong, this might be too much for her to deal with.

37. There will be more crime ahead in Coronation Street – which is going to keep Stirling Gallacher busy as lawyer Paula! As well as the factory collapse aftermath, she hinted at another case she will have on her hands.

38. There are uplifting and fun scenes ahead for Jesse and Courtney in Hollyoaks – with Amy Conachan reckoning that the pair will always belong together.

39. Bex’s ongoing journey in EastEnders may not yet be free of hardship as Jasmine Armfield has suggested her problems are far from over – and could even get worse.

40. After discovering the truth about the crash, Lisa Loveday will use it to her advantage, Rachel Adedeji told us of her Hollyoaks character – and maybe Liam has underestimated her.

41. There are big scenes ahead for the new Bailey family who will land soon in Coronation Street – and despite there being comedy and warmth from the outset, tears are set to follow.

42. Gray will continue to try his best and fit in with the Taylors and Bakers as he adapts to life in Walford. But the EastEnders newcomer may not win the acceptance with Mitch – and Jessica Plummer has promised huge material ahead for the couple.

43. There is a long way to go in Hollyoaks as Maxine continues to lie about her illness – and Jacob Roberts said it is about to step up a gear as Maxine goes even further.

44. Conflict will kick off between the Ahmed sisters in EastEnders, with the pair set to fall out – however, it is clear that their relationship will eventually weather any storms and they will fight for one another.

45. The aftermath of Aidan Connor’s suicide will forever impact the family in Coronation Street, reckons Shayne Ward. With Carla’s ongoing scenes now, he believes that the grief of losing Aidan will constantly be remembered by the long suffering clan.

46. And finally, Rob Mallard has teased that if Daniel were to lose Sinead in Coronation Street, he could be so broken and damaged that he may make the same mistakes – or worse – as his own father with Bertie.

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