A Discovery of Witches’ Phoebe Taylor star teases final series ‘It’s got everything’

A Discovery Of Witches season 3 trailer from Sky

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A Discovery of Witches’ third season is bittersweet for fans as it will serve as the final chapter. Coming to Sky Max and NOW on January 7, the last instalment looks to be the biggest yet as it finally answers fans burning questions. Ahead of its release, Express.co.uk sat down with Phoebe Taylor star Adelle Leonce to discuss what to expect from the third season.

Adelle Leonce first joined the series in season two, with the third season expanding the character of Phoebe even further.

Season three is adapting Deborah Harkness’ third book in the All Souls Trilogy, condensing it down into seven action-packed instalments.

It was clear from the season two finale the third season would bring about an explosive end, and now it is finally here, fans are bracing themselves for anything.

“Season three goes at a lick,” Leonce told Express.co.uk. “It’s quick, there’s a lot of information; the book is huge, I do not know how the writers were able to condense it down.”

Leonce went on to talk about what fans should expect from the season, especially as it is the last in the series.

“Even filming it, and the end of it, knowing it was the last season, it was really hard,” Leonce continued. “I just think it’s a powerhouse of a season.

“It’s literally got everything, there are so many wonderful characters that we get introduced to in season three.

“There are so many journeys that are happening Matthew (played by Matthew Goode) has his journey and so does Diana (Teresa Palmer).

“It’s just a depth and array of colours and tones and drama.”

In fact, the season is so packed with content for fans that Leonce joked: “You know, there is so much that happens that I can’t remember it all.

“It’s like, where do I even start, so even though it’s only seven episodes, I think it’s going to be one of those that the fans are going to keep watching again and again.”

While season three has been confirmed to be the last, some fans are holding out hope that a fourth season could come later down the line.

Harkness wrote four novels, with the fourth acting more as a spin-off to the main trilogy.

Currently, there has been no confirmation a spin-off is in development, so fans should consider season three to be the official end of the show.

All the main cast will be returning for the third season, with Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer once again leading the drama as Matthew Clairemont and Diana Bishop.

Season three is expected to stay faithful to the source material again, as the previous two seasons have been. 

While there have been deviations in the past, the main storyline has always remained the same.

The final season will be bringing fans back to contemporary times, just as the book did.

During it, Phoebe will of course be joined by Marcus Whitmore (Ed Bluemel), with the pair’s adventures set to come to an end.

Outside of A Discovery of Witches, Leonce is also known for Roadkill, Silent Witness, Death in Paradise, and Strike.

A Discovery of Witches will premiere on January 7 on Sky Max and NOW in the UK. A USA release date has not been confirmed. 

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