A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies speaks out on shake-up of presenters

A Place in the Sun: Danni ‘gutted’ as couple say no to tour

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A Place in the Sun has seen a shake-up of presenters lately after the Channel 4 show introduced two new hosts. Leah Charles-King and Craig Rowe have both been recently announced as new presenters while earlier this year, Lee Juggurnauth was also welcomed to the property programme. The series also has its regular faces including expert Danni Menzies, who has been a staple on the show since 2016.

 The programme, which sees the presenters helping house hunters to find their dream property abroad, has been a hit with viewers since it launched in 2000.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Danni opened up about what it’s like to welcome new hosts to the show.

“I think something that’s really nice about A Place in the Sun unlike a lot of other standard shows, is that they give new people the opportunity,” Danni admitted.

“I hadn’t really done anything when I first started so it was a big opportunity for me.”

 The expert continued: “They’ve got lots of diversity. 

“They’ve got lots of lots of different characters, very different characters, which is which keeps it interesting.”

In Danni’s upcoming episodes of A Place in the Sun, the host explained “there is a lot of emotion”.

Speaking about filming for the latest episodes, the expert said: “It was really nice when you get people who have wanted to do it [move abroad] forever and they’re finally taking the leap. 

“There were a couple of sisters that was lovely. They were dog mad, and it was a really good, fun week.”

“I think one of them has been through quite a lot, so it meant, even more, to actually be making it happen,” Danni added.

“There was a bit of a moment where there were some tears but sort of happy tears. 

“Maybe just sort of reflecting a bit on what has happened in the past and the fact that they were finally there. 

“I think one of them had a health scare on one of the shows and one of the other shows one had lost their son.”

Danni explained: “So it was a really big deal just standing in the property imagining all the family there. Yeah, there was a lot of emotion.”

Throughout the programme, there is a lot that happens that viewers don’t see, as bosses try to fit everything into a one-hour slot.

The property expert went on to explain what show producers do behind the scenes.

Danni explained when the house hunt doesn’t go to plan, it can become stressful to find the perfect property.


“We cut to the house hunters when we are viewing a property, putting it all together,” she said.

“And we try to kind of predict what they might think or say or a feel where we actually see it. 

“We have the properties you see on the show, but we also have a backup selection as well. 

“There is sometimes a scramble to change how we film things in order to do the best by the house hunters.

“Sometimes we have some good back-ups and sometimes we have to make some phone calls late at night.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.


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