‘AGT’ Recap: The Last Batch of Acts Impress the Judges in Final Night of Auditions

A rabbit act kicks off the night as Shai and his bunny Bini, whom he calls ‘the LeBron James of bunnies,’ hope to be sent to the next round with their audition.

AceShowbiz -“America’s Got Talent” aired the eighth and final night of auditions on Tuesday, July 20. In the new outing, judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum were treated to performances by the last batch of contestants and some of them successfully captured the judges’ hearts.

A rabbit act kicked off the night. Shai and his bunny Bini, whom he called “the LeBron James of bunnies,” hoped to be sent to the next round with their audition. Simon was not impressed, but the other three judges were excited to see Shai and Bini in the next round.

Singer Savannah also moved on to the round following a stunning performance of Olivia Rodrigo‘s “Driver License”. She wasn’t the only singer who earned four yes votes because Zac Taylor was sent to the next round after he hit the stage to offer an incredible performance.

Up next was violinist Gabriella Laberge who is also a singer. For her audition, she performed James Blunt‘s “Goodbye My Lover” and everyone was in love with her performance. “The violin was, like, the perfect addition to your beautiful voice,” Sofia raved. Howie called her “angelic,” while Simon said, “It was very kind of clever and interesting, and it was a good act.”

Medhat Mamdouh later awed everyone with a twist on his performance. He told the judges that he would be playing the recorder, and Simon appeared to make fun of it. Much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t only play the recorder but also beatboxed. The judges gave him four yes votes.

Sergio Paolo mixed juggling and acrobatic skills in his performance. The judges praised him and unsurprisingly voted him on to the next round. Following it up was dancer Pasha who baffled the audience and the judges when he showed off his body elasticity while dancing. As if that was not enough, he apparently elaborated costuming for the unexpected routine. Pasha was sent to the next round.

Dylan Zangwill then hoped to make it to the next round by belting out Queen‘s classic “Somebody to Love”. “It was a great audition. And I think there’s a lot more to come from you,” Simon said. “I got connected to the joy. The happiest place you could be is right there, performing for us,” Howie echoed the sentiment. Dylan went to the next round with four yes votes.

The Colombian acrobatic trio known as Rialcris offered a breath-taking performance that awed the judges. “This was so amazing, But I want to see what my other judges are gonna say, but if they don’t say what I want them to say, there’s going to be trouble tonight,” Sofia commented. Againsts what Sofia feared, Rialcris successfully moved to the next round.

The next performers included standup comedian Mike Goodwin and singer Anica. Mike joked about innate weirdness of fairy tales in his routine, while Anica channelled Janis Joplin as she sang “Piece of My Heart”. Mike went to the next round. As for Anica, Howie and Heidi loved it, but Simon said no. Sofia admitted that she wasn’t really impressed and but she decided to give Anica a chance.

Pizzaman then appeared and showed off his incredible skills of acrobatic pizza dough juggle spinning. His performance earned four yes votes and he moved on to the next round. Concluding the night was Contortionist D-Flex. He coorperated make-up to his routine and that earned him praises from the judges. “You are a great example of what we look for from a great contestant on a show like this,” Simon told him. The judges voted him through.

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