Alison Hammond scolded by Dr Scott for laughing at This Morning caller’s ill dog

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This Morning presenter Alison Hammond was told off by an unimpressed Dr Scott Miller as she started giggling at a caller's pet problems during the advice segment.

Dr Scott did not look happy as Alison could be heard laughing in the background as a woman called in to get advice to help her dog, who was suffering from a phantom pregnancy.

Her poor pup was suffering from pregnancy symptoms which was causing her a lot of pain as her body hadn't registered that she wasn't having puppies.

The woman explained that her puppy was crying from the pain, as Dr Scott explained that as the body thought it was pregnant, their hormones would begin changing and their mammary tissue would expand, and they would even start building a home to put their new puppies.

But as the caller spoke to Dr Scott, he suddenly turned to Alison and said: "Don't laugh, it's not funny," as she could be heard quietly giggling in the background.

Alison quickly apologised as she said she hadn't realised it could happen to a puppy, sharing her shock at the painful symptoms.

Dr Scott then told the caller that she may need to take her dog to be neutered, otherwise she would continue to keep having phantom pregnancies.

Later in the segment, Dr Scott eventually had to say sorry to a different caller, who had rung about her cat leaving her, on behalf of the host as she started laughing and told her to "just get another cat".

Fans took to social media to comment on the "unprofessional" moment, as one posted: "Alison Hammond should not be anywhere near a show like this. So unprofessional. Laughing at a women asking about an issue her dog is having."

Another added: "Thank god Dr Scott had a go at Alison for laughing at this poor dog!"

A third chipped in: "Glad the vet told Alison off then, giggling like a child at a dog having a phantom pregnancy, which can be distressing.

But a fourth argued: "I’m sorry but Alison Hammond is the best thing to ever happen to #thismorning her and dermot are the perfect team."

This is a live TV story and is constantly being updated.

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