Amanda Barrie breaks silence on being approached to teach Prince Charles about sex

Prince Charles: Amanda Barrie says she was asked to teach royal

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Former Carry On and Coronation Street star Amanda Barrie was asked to confirm reports she was approached to teach a young Prince Charles about sex. Joining Dan Wootton on GB News, she recalled being approached by a friend about Prince Charles but ultimately turning down the proposal. The actress added she waited until her friend passed away before discussing the incident.

Dan asked: “I’ve been dying to ask you this for a good couple of years. Is it true that the actor James Robertson Justice once approached you to potentially teach Prince Charles, our future King, about sex?”

“That is absolutely true,” Amanda replied.

“I absolutely adored James Robertson Justice and he did actually come to me one day and say, ‘I don’t know how to say this to you.

“I mean this is really embarrassing, of course it’s a great compliment but…’ and he went on like that.

“I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ and I don’t know if this is true because I didn’t go on with it but they were looking or they did look for people who would be possible mistresses and things and introduce young boys into good habits because they didn’t want them to be jumped upon by the matron.

“But I remember James saying to me, ‘Well you’ll come to my castle in Scotland,’ and I said, ‘Yes,’ he had a lovely castle with a lovely lady he lived with.

“The thing that really finished me off was, ‘Do you have any shorts? Any khaki shorts?’

“And I thought, ‘What for?’ and he did said, ‘Oh, we do a lot of tramping about and shooting and things.’

“But then I had this horrible image of, not that I was going to anyway, but me who was wearing falsies, huge false eyelashes, a half hair piece from Vidal Sassoon, and I thought, ‘Well I’ll be in the Tower by Monday morning.’

“I thought, ‘This isn’t for me at all.’”

Ananda clarified: “It was true, it was put to me. They said they wanted someone with not too much experience but a sense of humour.”

“But we don’t know if Prince Charles knew he was actually asking you?” Dan probed.

Amanda hit back: “Oh no, he wouldn’t have been asking. He was 14 darling.

“I suppose at some point you want to protect young boys, especially if they are going to be King someday. They have to be introduced to things and not left at the whim of the French school teacher who decides she’s going to leap on him.

“That was the story given to me and I never said it until they all started doing their interviews on television about their life.”

Amanda also spoke about adding trigger warnings to old episodes of Coronation Street.

The actress was far from impressed with the idea to put a warning for offensive language on old episodes of the ITV soap.

“For goodness sake of course it’s not necessary!” she raged to Dan.

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