Amanda Owen maiden name: What name did the Yorkshire Shepherdess use before meeting Clive?

Amanda Owen recalls the farm being struck by foot and mouth

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Amanda Owen, otherwise known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess, is a fan-favourite on Our Yorkshire Farm. The star has shared plenty of details about her personal life with fans, particularly on social media. But what was her maiden name before she married Clive Owen? has all you need to know.

What was Amanda Owen’s maiden name?

Amanda Owen and her nine children have been bringing joy to fans on the latest series of Our Yorkshire Farm.

Her husband Clive, whom she met on Ravenseat Farm, also features in the uplifting documentary series.

The pair met when Amanda was working as a contract shepherdess and she was sent to Ravenseat to borrow a male sheep.

Amanda said their relationship began as a slow burn and they started out as friends.

However, over time, they started to develop strong feelings for each other and got married.

They tied the knot in 2000, having first met four years previously in 1996.

Before she took Clive’s surname, the Yorkshire Shepherdess was known as Amanda J Livingstone, according to her IMDb profile.

She was born in 1975 in Newsome, which is in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The TV star made her on-screen debut in 2011 in the documentary series The Dales.

She was also a panellist on Jeremy Vine and had appearances on This Morning, Lorraine and The One Show.

She is best-known for detailing her family’s working lives in Our Yorkshire Farm.

The series features the shepherdess and her children as they offer insight into all things agriculture.

The family recently purchased a new home in Anty Johns, just down the road from the farm in Upper Swaledale.

They wanted to settle down and lay some permanent roots as they have been renting a home at Ravenseat.

The dilapidated farmhouse has needed a lot of work, but the Owens are almost ready to move in.

The new season of Our Yorkshire Farm will hopefully offer more on the exciting move.

Amanda has been keeping fans up to date with the challenges she has been facing on Instagram.

The farmhouse had no water or electricity, which is just one of the many hurdles they have had to overcome.

Yet, the family seems to overcome every struggle, proving the strength of their bond.

Speaking about what he thought of Amanda when they first met, he said: “This six-foot-something woman knocked on my door.

“I was very taken with her, you couldn’t not be.” Over time their romantic connection blossomed.

Fans have taken to Instagram to share their thoughts on the couple’s relationship.

One said: “You are just perfect Amanda, your family and dear husband. I can’t find your program lately and I’m devastated. I love everything about it.”

They need not worry as the series will be returning soon, but a release date has not yet been announced.

Our Yorkshire Farm will return to Channel 5 soon.

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