American Horror Story: 1984 fans spot haunting link to Murder House and Hotel seasons – The Sun

AMERICAN Horror Story: 1984 has sent viewers wild with its latest crossover with previous seasons.

The Ryan Murphy anthology series is know for giving nods to former characters, locations and events, given that every iteration takes place in a shared universe.

However the latest parallel echoes back to the show’s first ever season, as well as the Lady Gaga-fronted Hotel instalment.

In episode 2, viewers watched in disgust as Jonas, the former camper who was mowed down during the premiere, was stabbed to death by Richard Ramirez.

However, just minutes later he reappeared with no injuries, prompting a baffled Ramirez to murder him again.

Later, Margaret stumbled across him in the forest, finally understanding that he must be a ghost from the first bout of Camp Redwood murders, courtesy of Mr Jingles.


He was convinced the year was 1970, the year when Maragret emerged as a survivor from the bloody massacre, and even recognised her, albeit remarking that she looked different.

This means the hiker must be an apparition haunting the site of his death due to unresolved trauma, a trope first explored in the Murder House series.

Fans of the show will remember how a family was terrorised in their home as spectres who met all manner of grisly fates remained anchored to the property, having died on its grounds.

The same motif emerged in the Hotel series, with corridors of ghosts haunting residents in a desperate bid to tell their stories and find closure from beyond the grave.

With that in mind, fans suspect they’ll be seeing way more murdered campers emerging from the woods – and some of them could be desperate for revenge.

“Okay so clearly this dude from the seventies is in some kinda limbo, but what about the others? There was entire camp of teens killed, so surely he’s just the first of many?” one Reddit user speculated.

A second theorised: “It would be great if all the murdered kids came back to kill Mr Jingles – instant Karma! Just like how the ghosts banded together in Murder House in the end.”

Meanwhile a third chimed in: “So they’ve got to content with Jingles, the Night Stalker and now a whole bunch of dead kids? This is even more messed up than Hotel.”

In other American Horror Story: 1984 news, fans were left shaken by Glee legend Matthew Morrison’s bulge as he donned a pair on teeny shorts.

Meanwhile, fans have theorised that everything we’ve seen up until now is from a horror movie set, and that the real bloodshed won’t start until the second half of the season.

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