Anne Hegerty hits out at Jeremy Clarkson calling his show ‘slow’ after his snub

The Chase star Anne Hegerty has hit back at Jeremy Clarkson after he claimed he didn't know who she was.

During an episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Clarkson denied recognising her name, when a contestant asked for his help figuring out an answer.

After the contestant posed the question, host Jeremy replied: "I've never even heard of two of the people in this list – Adil Ray and Anne Hegerty."

The question was: "Since 2016, who has hosted the TV game show that requires teams of five to name items in top 10 lists?"

The options given were Warwick Davis, Philip Schofield, Adil Ray, and Anne Hegerty.

The episode aired on August 16, and now Anne has hit back at Jeremy after his comments.

Speaking to the Express, she was asked if she watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Anne replied: "I don't watch Millionaire as it's quite slow and there are not a lot of questions."

She added: "If it doesn't sound disloyal, there are a lot of good BBC quiz shows like University Challenge and Mastermind.

"I should be downloading them but my phone is full."

She was asked how it felt when Jeremy didn't know who she was: "I can understand though. I often say nobody with a job knows who I am."

Anne added: "We are on at five o'clock in the evening and everyone is coming home from work."

When Jeremy made his comments, viewers expressed their disbelief on Twitter.

One tweeted to ask: "Never heard of Anne Hegerty?! Thought it was worth a smug laugh?"

Jeremy insisted: "I really hadn't. Or the other chap."

Anne replied: "He's probably far too busy to watch either The Chase or Britain's Brightest Family!"

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm

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