Anti-Vaxxers Protest at U.K.’s ITN Offices, Presenter Jon Snow Abused, as Police Called in

Anti vaccination protestors protested at the offices of U.K. production company ITN on Monday and hurled abuse at presenter Jon Snow, causing the police to step in.

ITN hosts Channel 4 news and ITV news.

More than a 100 protestors gathered at ITN’s London offices and badgered respected Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow as he tried to enter the building. It is believed that the protestors were speaking out against vaccinations being extended to 16 and 17 year olds. One protestor shouted at Snow: “Do the right thing Jon. Come on you’re a man of many words. I respect you sir. Jon, it’s a real shame you didn’t speak up for the children when you could have.”

The protestors then barged into the ITN offices, and the police were called in. “Officers are responding to a demonstration at a private premises on Gray’s Inn Road, #Camden where people have unlawfully gained access to the building. Officers are on scene engaging with building security and removing those who have gained entry,” tweeted the London Metropolitan police.

The building is now clear and the police have now left.

“The police attended a breach of security at Gray’s Inn Road, ITN’s headquarters, earlier today. ITN take such breaches very seriously. The safety of our staff and journalists is of paramount importance. All personnel were advised to either stay in the building or stay away while the situation was being dealt with,” an ITN spokesperson told Variety.

This is the second major anti vaccination incident in London in the last few days. A group of protesters tried to storm a BBC studio recently.

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