Antiques Road Trip star in awe as £5 pendants sell for three figures

Antiques Road Trip: Presenter fails to make profit on ‘favourite’ item

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Antiques Road Trip headed to Derbyshire Dales where the experts tried to bag some cash from selling hidden gems. Izzie Balmer and Ishy Khan went to Matlock Bath Illuminations and Derby Pickford’s House Museum to find some treasures. There were a couple of items, in particular, that caught Izzie’s eye.

She came across two gold pendants within a box of jewellery whilst rummaging at Armstrong’s Mill antique shop.

The whole box was listed at £30 but Izzie had her eye on a particularly stunning item.

She explained: “I only had a look in here out of habit. I didn’t actually expect to find anything in here because I often think ‘oh well the dealers will have already been through it’. But I’ve found a piece of gold.

“It’s only a small thing but it’s a little pendant. It’s nine-carat gold, you’ve got this precious white opal in the middle.

“Now, the colours aren’t spectacular on it. With opals, they’re prized for their play of colour, so it’s actually got better play of colour under the lens.

“So this is what we call a bale. The bale is stamped K18, which would be for 18-carat.

“Now it’s very sort of 1970s, but I think it’s definitely worth the risk, depending on the price.”

When she asked the dealer, he said she could have any item for £2.50 each and she was amazed.

After handing over £5, her lot went to auction and the bidding immediately started at £55.

The final price was £100 and Izzie could not contain her excitement.

She said: “A great return on £5, isn’t it. I’m really, really pleased with that.”

With a profit of £95, she could not complain as all profits from the shows go to Children in Need.

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The expert giggled and said: “Yes!” as the online bidding started at between £55 and £60.

She clapped excitedly as the offers rose from £70 to £80 very quickly.

“I mean, they are lovely”, she said as the bidding continued as the price continued to rise to £100.

“And opals are popular,” she reassured her expert partner as they awaited the final total.

“Yay!” she declared as the total bid was called in at £100 and her partner reassured her she had “smashed it”.

Izzie is one of the newest members of the team, having joined the BBC show back in 2019.

She was keen to make a profit as fellow expert Ishy had been bagging all of the bargains.

On Instagram, she said: “With Ishy making the most profit yesterday we’re both feeling a bit of pressure today.

“Can I keep my lead or is Ishy going to leap frog me at today’s auction? Watch this afternoon or on BBC iPlayer to find out.”

Antiques Road Trip airs on BBC One and iPlayer

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