Antiques Roadshow guest baffled as teacup with ‘hidden’ element is worth £100

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    Antiques Roadshow aired on Sunday night, with one guest completely stunned to learn that her item had a "hidden" secret and a substantial price tag.

    For this week's instalment of the beloved BBC Two programme, which aired on January 29, Fiona Bruce and the team were at the Culzean Castle in South Ayrshire.

    Items assessed on the show included a letter from President Dwight D Eisenhower, a collection of Scottish silver and a Chinese table that is one of the most valuable ever seen on the programme.

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    But one guest on the beloved programme was stunned when she realised how much her teacup was worth.

    And she was even more taken aback when she was told about a "hidden" secret that not many mass-produced teacups had.

    Presenting her teacup and saucer to the expert, the lady explained how her uncle was in the navy and bought the item back from Japan.

    Dashing her hopes of a big payday, the expert explained how the teacups and saucers were "made in their thousands", before revealing something exciting.

    "However, yours hides a little secret," the expert began.

    "If I hold that up," he said holding the teacup up to the light, "and we look in the bottom, and yours has a picture of the geisha."

    He went on: "Because you've got the geisha in the bottom of yours, it's probably worth about £80 to £100."

    The lady looked absolutely stunned when the expert revealed the happy news that she could get a substantial payday from such a small item.

    "That's great," she exclaimed as she laughed nervously with excitement.

    This came as fans of the show spoke of it being a repeat.

    "Is this a repeat?" asked one.

    While another simply penned: "Repeat."

    Antiques Roadshow airs every Sunday at 7pm on BBC Two.


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