Antiques Roadshow guest lost for words at value of Olympic Gold Medal from 1924

AN Antiques Roadshow guest is left speechless after learning the value of an Olympic Gold Medal from 1924.

Fiona Bruce hosted yet another episode of the BBC show where members of the public turned up at Forty Hall hopeful their old items will be of some value.

One guest handed handed over the ancient Olympic medal and couldn't find the words after discovering out it was worth thousands.

In a brief moment during Sunday’s episode, the expert told the guest that the medal was in fact, worth a whopping £15,000.

The stunned guest replied: “What?” For one medal?”

“Just for that,” the expert replied.

Another item that caught the eye was a sign from the 1908 London Olympics.

Expert Jon Baddeley said: "You brought along this fingerpost and it’s a cast-iron one.

“It’s lettered 'Marathon route, 18 miles' but, what is this emblem here in the middle?”

The guest replied: “It was an emblem for Isleworth running club, who were in charge of marking our the course. So that dates it to the London Marathon and the Olympics of 1908."

Jon would leave this guest stunned as he explained how much it would be worth.

"A unique piece. This is a one-off, it’s not in the greatest condition but that’s fantastic that you haven’t re-painted it, you haven’t restored it."

He added: “I think it’s a massively important piece of Olympic history, I think that it should be in a museum, either the Museum of London or an Olympic museum. 

"I would think if it sold at auction, well, where are you going to find another? £2,500 – £3,500.”

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