Antiques Roadshow: Lalique statue in ’perfect condition’ valued – worth £6,000 to £8,000

Antiques Roadshow: Lalique statue valued between £6,000-£8,000

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Antiques Roadshow visited the historic Stonor Park in Oxfordshire in a recent episode of the BBC show. Treasures found in the episode include a genuine LS Lowry painting and a little brooch with a big history, but it was a Lalique statue that caught the eye of antiques expert Andy McConnell.

One guest brought the statue onto the BBC antiques program and was keen to learn more about it from expert Andy.

He began saying to the guest: “You know what the very first thing I do is when I see a Lalique Suzanne statuette?

“I pick her up. Why do you reckon that is?” Andy asked.

The Antiques Roadshow guest replied: “To check for damage maybe?”

Andy confirmed she was correct, saying: “I check for damage. But, I’m delighted to tell you, this is in what’s called perfect condition.

“It is a classic, I mean it’s on the cover of how many books? A lot. It’s arguably the most famous design by René Lalique.

“According to repute she’s modelled on Lalique’s daughter who was called Suzanne,” the expert revealed.

He continued: “1925. It’s absolutely genuine. You’ve got absolutely the correct form of signature.”

Andy then went on to ask the guest how they came to have the statue in their possession.

The guest replied: “We’ve known her almost all our lives, we’ve just recently inherited her.

“We know that she has come from a great aunt. She went off to America to get married and live out in America and she took this with her, she had inherited it somehow.

“She took it with her and then she posted it in a freezer bag back to my dad in the 70s,” she explained.

The guest revealed she has memories from when she was growing up, seeing the statue balanced on top of their TV.

She said: “One day our parents were sat watching the Antiques Roadshow and Eric Knowles was talking about an item very similar to this.

“Mum and Dad sort of looked at the television and then looked up at the Lalique and when they heard the value that was it for her and she was wrapped up very carefully and put in the airing cupboard for 20 years,” the guest revealed.

“Buried for 20 years,” glass expert Andy exclaimed.

Moving onto the topic of valuation, Andy explained there were a number of things to consider: “So when it comes to valuing Lalique there are variables.

“One of the variables is of course the state of the market and at the moment we’re currently in a slight. The other one is the degree of opalescence.

“Now, the collectors want them absolutely humming with opalescence and to be honest the lower section of her is quite opalescent, but really she’s heading towards fairly plain on that score.

“So valuation today, six to eight thousand pounds,” the glass specialist revealed.

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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