Are Married at First Sight UK's Franky and Marilyse still together?

IT'S fair to say Married At First Sight UK saw lots of drama between the newlyweds.

One couple who had a few ups and downs were Franky and Marilyse, with fans wondering if they have lasted the distance,

Are Married at First Sight UK's Franky and Marilyse still together?

Franky and Marilyse faced many obstacles on their journey.

She already has two kids and wasn't sure if she wanted more, and he was based out in Dubai as a personal trainer.

However, despite all of this, at the end of the experiment thy decided to stay together.

Whether they have continued to be in a relationship once the cameras stopped rolling will be shown in the MAFS reunion episode.

Marilyse and Franky got on well from the start, however, during one of the dinner parties, he was very rude to to his wife and told her "not to speak while he was".

She stood up for herself and warned him about speaking to her in that tone, and he apologised.

The experts later questioned him about this attitude, but Franky chose not to open up to them.

However, away from the show Marilyse and Franky have been sharing cute snaps on their social media pages, which could mean they’re still together.

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When is Married At First Sight on TV?

The reunion is set to air TONIGHT (October 4, 2021) at 10pm on E4.

Any missed episodes can be watched on All 4.

You can also catch up with all the past series of the show on there.

You can even watch both the Australian and US versions of the hit reality franchise.

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