Ashley Cain reveals terrifying moment baby Azaylia stopped breathing and nursing team rushed to their house

ASHLEY Cain has shared his pain after baby Azaylia suffered seizures and stopped breathing last night, telling followers: "There's a lot you wouldn't want to see".

The 30-year-old star gave the update after completing a 5k run today, admitting that he needed to get out for his mental health.

Last night was particularly stressful for the former footballer and his girlfriend Safiyya, with the devoted parents rushing Azaylia to hospital for an "urgent" x-ray after struggling to give her medication through her feeding tube.

And today, Ashley revealed that as they left the hospital her temperature skyrocketed – and she stopped breathing after suffering a seizure.

He explained: "Yesterday we got into hospital, got our platelets done and managed to sort her NG tube out, thankfully. Then just as we were getting back into the car she had a spike in temperature and a seizure, her eyes were rolling, she was hot, she wasn't breathing.

"We had to get her on the oxygen straight away – she settled then when we got home it happened again and we ended up having a nurse from the palliative care team at our house until 1am."

The brave dad went on: "It's difficult, man – there's a lot you don't see, there's a lot you wouldn't want to see. It's 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no breaks, but it's all worth it because guess what? She woke up again this morning.

"All the hard work we're putting in now, it's worth it in the end to get that little smile, her eyes opening – it's amazing."

It has been three weeks since Ashley and Safiyya were warned that Azaylia could just have days left to live as they ran out of options to treat her leukaemia.

Reflecting on the horrendous few months, Ashley said as he ran today: "It's been months, but the last few days especially I've woken up feeling pain, stress, depression, that's been consuming my mind as well as my body – stopping me from doing the things that were second nature to me, and I don't like it.

"I'm going to get up, get out, and get at it – getting out today in the hope that when I walk back in my house, I'm going to be the best me that I can be for my daughter.

"I can give her the energy, commitment, and positivity, and I can help carry this ship to where it's gonna be. Let's go champ, we're still in the game."

Last night, Ashley revealed that Azaylia has been rushed to hospital because her feeding tube was failing to give critical medication, adding that due to the little girl's tumours throughout her body, inserting a new tube will not be an easy job.

Filming Azaylia in her car seat, Ashley added: "There's no easy day on this journey, trust me."

Earlier this week, Azaylia was rushed to hospital for a blood transfusion, with worried Safiyya revealing that the brave fighter was in danger of "bleeding out".

Safiyya and Ashley welcomed Azaylia in August last year, but were left devastated just two months later when she was diagnosed with the rare illness.

They have documented much of her fight on their Instagram pages, and told how they hope to make their little girl's time with them as full of fun, love, and happiness as possible.

Last week, Safiyya revealed that "struggling" Azaylia is now on oxygen at home after she was rushed to hospital again.

She previously told how Azaylia has lost movement in half of her face due to tumours on her brain.

Last month, Ashley and Safiyya raised over £1million to take Azaylia to Singapore in a last-ditch attempt to save her life – but were left devastated when they were told the specialists in the country could not help.

Doctors in the UK then discovered tumours throughout Azaylia's body, including her brain and spleen, and delivered the heartbreaking news that they'd run out of options to treat her.

Through her brave fight, Azaylia has won the hearts of the nation, and has been nominated for a Pride of Britain award – with people across the UK also taking to their doorsteps to "Clap for Azaylia" last week.

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