Bake Off 2019 LIVE – Michael celebrates his birthday during Dessert Week

THE Great British Bake Off is back tonight with Dessert Week as we reach the halfway point in the current series.

Bake Off 2019 episode six is already underway – but who will go home tonight?  Follow along as we keep you up to-date with all the action from tonight's episode.





  • Poor Priya!

    It’s not looking good as Paul doesn’t look like he has too much faith in her.

    She must be better at time keeping!

  • Happy birthday Michael

    What better way to spend your birthday than on Bake Off being judges by Paul and Prue!

    At least he knows he will get a slice of cake!

  • Tough Showstopper

    The bakers need to make a Celebratory Bomb Dessert.

    Oh we can’t wait to see what happens here!

  • Who will go?

    Priya isn’t looking to good.

    She needs to up her game – you can do it girl!

  • Well done Alice!

    She breezed through the Technical and won the challenge.

    Even though Prue made a dig again that it was kind of the best of a bad bunch.

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