BBC Breakfast viewers slam Strictly Come Dancing coverage ‘How is this newsworthy?’

Professional dancers Ian and Vincent make fun of Anton du Beke's age

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On Saturday, BBC hosts Jon Kay and Nina Warhurst introduced the show as they gave viewers the latest news headlines. They discussed a number of topics during the programme and welcomed a number of guests to the red sofa including former Strictly Come Dancing stars Ian Waite and Vincent Simone. However, some viewers were left unimpressed by the amount of coverage the show was giving to Strictly.

Many viewers took to social media during the segment to air their frustration.

Simon raged: “The 10 million people who watch Strictly….that’s fine by me.

“Why does #BBCBreakfast ram it down the throats of those of us who don’t watch it?

“A dozen(of) d list celebs prancing around a dance floor is not news for the other 50 million of us who don’t watch it.” (sic)

Mort wrote: “I want to see the news not the daily annual dross about a dance programme- how is this newsworthy of the #BBC #BBCBreakfast #news explain, logically please how this is news?” (sic)

While Aidan hit back: “Never understand this complaint about #BBCBreakfast. It’s a ‘magazine’ show, not the news. It includes news and public interest stuff.”

User @Outspoken penned: “Jon, the only m**s that plug #StrictlyComeDancing are BBC.” (sic)

Graham raged: “FFS Strictly, bore off #bbcbreakfast.”


While Mars wrote: “More strictly s***, absolute yawn fest this garbage #BBCBreakfast.”

More to follow…

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