BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker in hysterics as Carole Kirkwood is pulled over by dog

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BBC Breakfast's weather lady Carole Kirkwood was presenting a segment on the weather on Monday while also speaking about guide dogs.

During the section, she was letting the British public know what they were in for and whether they should be taking their umbrellas out with them or not as she stroked the Labrador.

As she explained Monday's forecast she then said: "Isn't she absolutely gorgeous, young Flash here, ooh, I think she likes my cable."

BBC host Dan Walker then added: "I think you have a good friend there already, go on, Flash."

Carole then watched as Flash got a little bit restless and said: "I think she likes Adrian the cameraman."

To which Dan jokingly replied: "Who doesn't?

Then as the hosts and viewers watched as the dog pulled off and dragged Carole offscreen, the room broke out into laughter as the presenters couldn't contain their giggles.

"Thank you very much for that Carole, see you later," Dan said.

Laughing hard, Sally Nugent then quipped: "I think Flash has just spotted a tree – oooh she's gone!"

Dan then said: "Oh we have a Kirkwood down, Kirkwood down, someone save Carole. Are you alright, Carole?"

As Carole was then filmed with her legs up in the air, only showing the bottom of her shoes on camera as the dog had strongly pulled her off the shot, Sally then added: "I think she's lost her earpiece."

After containing their laughter, Dan then worrying asked if Carole was ok after her on-air accident.

Dan asked: "We are just checking if you're ok… Are you ok?"

Carole then dusted herself off and managed to continue her conversation with the hosts, while trying to find her earpiece so she could hear the presenting pair in the studio.

She added: "Yes, yes, she's a very strong girl is Flash. She's run back to her trainer, Mel, who is on the other side of the camera."

Heading the shot back to the studio, Sally then quipped: "Don't you love live television?"

Dan still caught up in the moment then stated: "You can just see Carole's pumps on the floor.

"She's laughing her head off I think she may have lost a shoe."

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