BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty hits out at Charlie Stayt for ‘ruining’ programme

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BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty certainly wasn't pulling her punches on Friday, as she hit out at her co-star Charlie Stayt for 'ruining' the programme by talking.

Charlie was even forced to apologise on the morning show for speaking as a video played of Adele's new single Easy On Me.

It all started as the pair prepared to discuss Adele's latest song – which comes after a staggering six-year hiatus.

Naga began: "The song's called Easy On Me. The video has been viewed more than 12 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube at midnight."

Rolling In The Deep hitmaker Adele could then be heard belting out the lyrics to her latest hit.

As the music faded out, Charlie said: "It always makes me feel a bit bad interrupting. Just when people are… it's just… when she's singing and everyone's enjoying it and then, 'Oh, he's talking again!'

"I'm sorry, that's how it works!"

Naga collapsed into giggles beside him, as Charlie added a few more details about the track, which comes from Adele's album 30, due out later this year.

"Adele says it reflects the inner turmoil she went through after her divorce," Charlie explained. "Shall we listen to a little bit more?"

The music faded in once more before Charlie was forced to speak again, announcing: "And here's me ruining it again!"

He and Naga couldn't resist sharing a giggle, as Charlie said: "Sorry about that, I'm really sorry. You can listen to the full thing!"

Naga soon interrupted: "Can I… what I will say is Ben [Thompson] is over there waiting to do his bit for business, [weather presenter] Matt [Taylor] is over here in our screen and they're both laughing…

"Because it's not just when you talk over Adele that they think, 'You're ruining it', again and you're talking again. And that's what all of us were thinking!" she hit out.

Charlie was clearly put out by her assessment, as he said: "That's a step too far."

Naga read the room as she said: "I think the atmosphere now, Matt, is reflected beautifully in your picture!"

Weather presenter Matt could be seen standing beside a car with a frosted windshield, with the word 'frost' written on it by a finger.

"It has gone a bit frosty, hasn't it?" Matt quipped, to giggles in the studio.

Charlie quickly changed the subject back to Adele, as he asked Matt: "I could see you swaying your head, were you doing a bit of a sway just a moment ago to Adele's new song?"

"I will sway to any music, Charlie. Love it," Matt explained.

"Aww!" Charlie and Naga chorused, making it clear there was no bad blood between them, as Charlie joked: "Play the music now, let's see him sway!"

"Nobody needs to see that," Matt insisted, as he quickly turned the attention back to the weather by saying: "Anyway, shall we get on? Frosty this morning for some of you!"

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