BBC Four Lives viewers rage after police error leads to more tragic murders

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The last episode of BBC's drama Four Lives caused evident distress amongst several viewers, as many complained about the police negligence shown throughout.

The dramatised portrayal of real-life serial killer Stephen Port gave viewers insight into the chilling events of his crimes that he inflicted on four young men in the Barking and Dagenham area.

However, the upsetting programme certainly highlighted the neglect and the lack of care that was displayed by the metropolitan police as the Grindr killer was given free rein to commit his horrific crimes.

Seeing the scenes unfold, viewers took to Twitter to share their despair and anguish.

One social media user wrote: "The absolute incompetence of the police. First they say the victim was found in a park. Then they say he was found slumped in the grounds of the abbey!"

Another said: "On the third episode of #FourLives and my god am I infuriated! Lives could have been saved so much sooner had the police actually investigated. Shocking. Really feel for the victims and their families."

A third commented: "Still cannot quite comprehend the failings by Barking and Dagenham police, you cannot help but think if only they'd listened to 3 young men with all their lives ahead of them would still be alive! Absolutely heartbreaking."

Meanwhile a fourth upset viewer shared: "An important story that needed to be told about police incompetence, indifference, insensitivity and homophobia, disturbing to watch #FourLives about the murders of Anthony, Gabriel, Daniel and Jack. Hope the empathetic dramatisation helps the families."

Actor Stephen Merchant played the role of the murderer and gave audiences a believable portrayal.

In the last episode of the three-part series, Grindr killer Stephen faced trial and was finally bought to justice.

Taking to Twitter again, fans expressed their joy that murderer is finally behind bars.

"Just finished #FourLives, shocking and sad to see the failings of parts of the Met. But so heartwarming to see the way the families and friends of Anthony, Gabriel, Daniel & Jack fought for truth and justice. Just hope what’s been exposed by this case has prompted change," one fan penned.

While another said: "Finally some justice for the poor families."

Convicted serial rapist and serial killer Stephen Port was responsible for four deaths and multiple rapes.

In November 2016, Port received a life sentence with a whole life order meaning he will never be released from prison.

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