BBC viewers blast Brendan O’Carroll for ‘racist’ joke on The One Show

Brendan O’Carroll makes controversial comment on The One Show

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Brendan O’Carroll and Tyler Perry were welcomed onto The One Show on Tuesday evening. They chatted to presenters Lauren Laverne and Harry Judd about their new Netflix comedy A Madea Homecoming. However, as the interview drew to a close Brendan made a joke about his co-star’s “colour”, leaving viewers outraged.

Seeing Brendan and Tyler’s chemistry, Lauren was keen to know if they had plans to work together again in the future.

Lauren asked Brendan if he would consider having Tyler appear on his BBC comedy show Mrs Brown’s Boys.

“I don’t know if we could afford him, he’s very expensive,” Brendan began.

Tyler exclaimed: “Please answer that. Please answer that, I want to hear it.”

Brendan continued: “He’s very expensive and so far we haven’t had anybody his colour in there.

“So, I don’t know if we could have him in. But, you know what I’d love that.

“But, I think more importantly I’d love to do another movie with him,” he added.

“Nobody my colour,” Tyler laughed. “Times have changed, change the world. Diversity rules. Here we go.”

Lauren swiftly ended the interview saying: “A big thank you to both of you Tyler and Brendan. Thank you for joining us.”

However, after hearing Brendan’s remark, many viewers took to Twitter to complain.

“Excuse me!? Did I… did I just hear what I thought I heard on the #TheOneShow from Brendan O’Carroll either I misunderstood or was that blatant racism on a prime time @BBCOne show #wtf,” @Boycie1001 commented.

“Brendan O’Carroll just made a racist remark on the one show and not one person called him out. Shame on you BBC #TheOneShow,” @lynnw46 said.

“Omg did Brendan actually make a racist remark on bbc1 and not one person called him out on it? #theoneshow,” @anniebev6 wrote. (sic)

“What did I just hear from Brendan O’Carroll? #TheOneShow,” @IanGibsonMusic questioned. have reached out to The One Show and Brendan’s representatives for comment.

Brendan has a cameo as his hit character Mrs Brown in Tyler’s new Netflix film.

The movie also sees Tyler bring his famous alter-ego Madea, a character he based on his aunt and mother, out of retirement.

He’s played Madea in 11 different films and plays as well as featuring the character in multiple TV appearances over the years. 

A Madea Homecoming is available to stream on Netflix from February 25.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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