Below Deck star Daisy Kelliher opens up on ‘traumatising’ return ‘I had sleepless nights’

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 trailer from Bravo TV

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht is an American reality series on Bravo and it first premiered back in 2020. The popular series follows the lives of the sea-loving crew members who work and reside aboard expensive yachts. One of those amongst the cast is Daisy Kelliher, who returned as chief stewardess and is considered by many as a yachting legend. In a recent interview, the TV star has explained how despite her highly respectable position on the show, filming can often come at the cost of her mental health. 

Daisy described having “massive” anxiety whilst getting accustomed to being filmed last year, saying: “I was traumatised.

“I had definitely a few sleepless nights. There were tears, I don’t normally cry.

“I think everyone was quite shocked at me crying. 

“So yeah, traumatising is the way I’m going to describe it,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

However, the reality star did confess she became more relaxed as time went on, familiarising herself with how the show is run.

She explained: “I think I trusted the process more.

“I was more comfortable with the cameras. I knew the boat. 

“There was a lot more last year, the fact that it was a whole new crew, a new boat, for me.”

She also forged friendships with three of the returning Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast members Colin MacRae, Gary King and Glenn Shephard.

Daisy has also revealed how her grandfather was an Olympic sailor for Ireland back in 1964 while her parents were yachties. 

With her family’s reputation on her shoulders, Daisy has a lot to live up to when she returns to Parsifal III.

 After a highly successful last season, the TV star has been credited as someone who can always be relied on to give a piece of their mind and let her hair down to have a good time.

Detailing her time on board, she confessed: “I didn’t have to worry about the boat, so already so much pressure was taken off of me.”

During an exclusive first look at the season three premiere, Captain Glenn Shephard welcomed aboard familiar faces while also introducing new yachties. 

One of the season three recruits includes Chef Marcos Spaziani, who is originally from Venezuela and has experience cooking at sea and on land. 

While being interviewed in a short clip ahead of the show’s return, he revealed: “I got my first yachting gig 12 years ago.”

Marcos continued: “Now, I live in L.A. and I run a food truck with my business partner, Louis. 

“So, a sailing yacht galley is a mansion for me.”

Viewers will also see surfer girl Gabriela Barragan making her new entrance on the reality programme. She said: “People who love me would describe me as funny, loyal, passionate, intense as f**k, a s**t-talker.”

She told Below Deck fans: “I like to bust balls.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 airs on Bravo on Mondays at 8pm. The new episodes can also be streamed on Peacock.

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