Below Deck’s Paget Berry shares surprise season 2 absence confession: ‘I’m thankful’

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Below Deck’s crews are always changing, with only some of the crewmates lasting for multiple seasons. Most of the time the sailors step away from the Bravo show without revealing their thoughts on the programme itself. However, Paget Berry has surprised fans by revealing that his exit from Below Deck Sailing Yacht wasn’t something he regretted.  

One of the main plot points of the first season followed Berry and his relationship with fellow shipmate Ciara Duggan. 

Since filming, the pair have split and gone their separate ways, with neither returning for the second season.

In fact, only Captain Glenn Shephard came back for season two, with the showrunners looking to refresh the show.

However, in a surprise confession with the Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Berry admitted that he was “very thankful,” for not being asked to return.

Berry said: “So I’m very thankful actually with the way things turned out.”

The star ended up meeting his current girlfriend when he would have been filming season two if he had been asked back.

“And as hard as it is in the moment to see it like that,” he continued, “looking back on it now. Yes, if I’d done the second season of [Below Deck ] Sailing [Yacht] with Ciara.

“Yeah, I mean, no the relationship I don’t think would have worked out still. But, yeah, I might not be doing yachting if I had done a second season. I don’t know.

“You never know the opportunities that come up from doing a TV show.”

As he was no longer contracted to the show, Berry pursued his own sailing career, one which took him to Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

It was here that he met his current girlfriend, accepting an offer from her to show him around town. 

The pair have been dating ever since, and it has led Berry to consider a future beyond yachting.

His current partner does not work in yachting, and after 11 years on the seas, Berry is now thinking of staying on land to be with her.

Berry added: “We’re sort of making tentative plans for the next couple of years.

“You know, it might sound weird saying that. But when you’re with somebody, you just sort of know.”

Therefore, fans shouldn’t expect Berry to make another appearance on Below Deck anytime soon.

As for his relationship with Duggan, he wished her well in all and hoped that there weren’t any “malicious feelings” after their relationship sank.

Berry said that he is “a different person” and that he is now with the right person.

As for the show itself, Below Deck Sailing Yacht has currently not been confirmed for a third season.

Fans shouldn’t worry though, as Bravo has waited months following the release of one season before confirming another.

Below Deck is available to watch on Bravo, Hayu, and Peacock in the USA. It is available to watch on Bravo and Hayu in the UK.

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