BGT: The Champions foreign acts hoping to beat British favourites ranked

It’s the biggest BGT showdown yet, and – with just one episode down – has already had fans in raptures, hysterics and tears.

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions sees some of the most famous acts from the past 13 years of BGT go head-to-head with other contestants from around the world.

And Saturday night’s first show proved a shock for homegrown favourites, with Paul Potts and Connie Talbot losing out to Ukranian sand performance artist Kseniya Simonova and daredevil dad and daughter duo Bello and Annaliese Nock, who appeared on America’s Got Talent.

Other foreign acts which didn’t make it to the final were Australian comedy duo The Nelson Twins, Indian dance act Bad Salsa and scary Indonesian magician and illusionist The Sacred Riana – despite her being the most watched Got Talent contestant on You Tube ever.

Over the next six weeks other memorable performers from the British show, including George Sampson, Stavros Flatley and Twist and Pulse, will be battling it out against talent from around the world.

So who could be the other foreign acts hoping to win the nation’s heart and claim the ultimate BGT crown? Here are some of the performers that could be hitting your screens, with a talent score based on how they impressed in their home countries.



WHO? Singer-songwriter who was the first winner of Australia’s Got Talent in 2007, at the age of 12.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: Bonnie plays mechanic Bea Nilsson in Aussie soap Neighbours. She will leave the show this year soon to pursue her music career.

JUDGE KYLIE MINOGUE SAID: “You look comfortable with the band, you’re working the audience and you were feeling the lyrics. I loved it.”

SHE SAID: “It’s been a really cool year on Neighbours as it’s allowed me to get lots of new inspiration for my music.





WHO? Stand-up comedienne who reached the final 10 of last year’s America’s Got Talent.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: Vicki is an ordained minister and the founder of Wedding Chapel to Go, which marries people “anytime, anywhere”.

She has lived in a trailer park in California for more than 25 years.

SIMON SAID: “You’re the best comedian we’ve had on this show”.

SHE SAID: “I guess I just never knew how much it mattered to me to be accepted. I was so used to so many years of rejection from the industry because I was too old, too fat, too ugly all the time. I just had given up on that industry approval.”






WHO? Dog act which won the German Das Supertalent in 2017, when Alexa was just 10.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: Alexa’s father Wolfgang is also a dog trainer. Alexa’s win was criticised in Germany after it emerged her father appeared on another talent show a week before with the same dogs performing the same tricks.

JUDGE BRUCE DARNELL SAID: “You are unbeatable. We’ve had a lot of amazing talent over the years, but you are the best of all of them. No-one else comes close to you.”

SHE SAID: “Once school and homework is over, I spend all of my time with my dogs. I pet them, play with them and train them. When we perform together, it’s great for us. The dogs like it as much as I do.”





WHO? Comedian who reached the final 10 of America’s Got Talent 2017, and came fifth in this year’s America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: The LA comedian has his own YouTube channel where he posts his vegan cooking show.

MEL B SAID: “I didn’t want that to stop. My jaw is actually aching because I was laughing so hard.”

HE SAID: “I decided to perform for the first time at age 17 as a bet between my mother and I. Best decision of my life.”






WHO? Ten-member dance crew which came second in Asia’s Got Talent in 2018.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: DM means ‘dance mates’ and X represents ‘extreme’, because of the extreme stunts, tricks and tumbles they perform during their dances.

The group are all church-goers and believe they have a God-given mission to dance. Coach Joeffrey (CORR) Mamayaby said: “We know we’re not yet done with our mission with the gifts that the Lord has given us. Jesus is the centre of it all. This is for him. We have to use our gifts and give back to him.”

JUDGE JAY PARK SAID: “I never thought a bunch of guys in glitter dressed would be so cool.”

THEY SAID: “We met eight years ago in a vacant lot. Our family was no supportive of us at first because they felt we were old enough to work instead of dance. But they changed their minds and realised we gave what it takes to make it big.”




WHO? Brazilian husband and wife danger act, best known for knife throwing, who got to the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent 2016.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: Alfredo Silva, who performs with his wife Anna, was born in the circus in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and learned how to throw knives at the age of 12.

Anna is a ballerina and has been dancing since the age of four. They live in Las Vegas.

SIMON SAID: “Under the danger act category, this is the best I think in the world. I really mean that.”

ALFREDO SAID: “I hope that people see the connection that we have, the love that we have, and the most important thing is that we’re very, very safe. We’re not crazy people. Do we like the risk? Yes. Do we like the danger? Yes, but I love my wife more than anything else.



Czech Republic/Slovakia


WHO? Mirror and light dance act featuring mirror-clad dancers who first appeared on Czech Republic / Slovakia’s Got Talent.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: The group formed in 2012 after being inspired by Leonardo de Vinci’s fascination with mirrors and his attempt to create the first mirror man.

THEY SAID: “We are a result of years of work. The outfits are made of a special material, and years of testing, and we want to keep it as a company secret.”




South Africa/ USA


WHO? Child DJ – real name Oratile AJ Hlongwane – who became the youngest ever winner of South Africa’s Got Talent in 2015 aged just three. He also competed in this year’s America’s Got Talent.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: Arch, from Johannesburg, started DJing aged eight months. Aged five he won the Guinness World Record for being the world’s youngest DJ.

He has nearly 300,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and has amassed over 38 million views.

SIMON SAID: You and I need to be talking after this show because I got plans for you. You are a total, total little star. I absolutely love you.“

FATHER GLEN HLONGANE SAID: “When Archi was only two years old, we noticed that he loved music. I found him messing around with one of my discs and that’s when I realized that he actually has a special talent.”





WHO? British ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent in 2015, and the million dollar prize. He was sent straight through to the quarter-finals after judge Marlon Wayans hit the golden buzzer.

YOU’D NEVER GUESS: Paul failed his GCSEs at 16 and, before finding success, worked part-time in a magic shop in London while announcing Gatwick and Heathrow’s information radio.

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