'Big Brother 21': Live Feed Spoilers: Tommy Bracco Admitted His Previous Friendship With Christie Murphy

There have been several Big Brother twists where Houseguests came into the house with a previous relationship or is the sibling of a former contestant.

Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn were a Big Brother 21 “relationship” twist as the two knew each other before but claimed they were never close. On the other hand, Christie Murphy dated Tommy Bracco’s aunt for seven years and was considered a part of the Bracco family.

Although the two aligned from Day One, they made sure not tell anyone their secret, even though a fan allegedly snuck near the house and used a megaphone to announce it to the other Houseguests. No one seemed to take it seriously and stopped talking about it only after a day or two.

However, two days after Christie left the Big Brother house, Tommy admitted his sworn secret. What happened? Keep reading to find out.

Christie and Tommy’s previous relationship

Big Brother 21 superfans did their research and found several pictures of Christie and Tommy on each other’s Instagram page dating back to 2012. Two years ago, they celebrated Tommy’s birthday together, and Christie posted a photo of them with their friends to her Instagram feed.

Her hashtags in the caption included “#ChildHoodFriend” and “#TurnedStepNephew.” Tommy commented back saying he loved her and he’s “lucky” they met each other. The hashtags lead people to believe that Christie and Tommy were friends first, and she met Tommy’s aunt through him.

The two have posted several pictures together at various gatherings, and they’ve referred to each other as family numerous times. Additionally, Christie is featured on Tommy’s sister’s Instagram page, further proving the two were very close before entering the house.

Christie left the ‘Big Brother 21’ house on double eviction night

After Jessica’s eviction, duos Christie and Tommy, Nicole and Cliff, and Jackson and Holly were left to target each other. Nicole won her first Head of Household competition and nominated Christie and Tommy because she was closer to the showmance and they kept her safe for the prior three weeks they were in power.

It came down to the classic What the Bleep? Veto Competition and Christie barely lost to Cliff. The petroleum engineer stayed loyal to Nicole and kept nominations the same, all but guaranteeing the boutique owner’s eviction. Christe ended up as the sixth Houseguest to join The Jury.

Tommy told Jackson and Holly about his past with Christie

On Day 81, two days after Christie’s eviction, Tommy was in the HoH room with Jackson and Holly and wondered if he looked dumb aligning with Christie.

Holly then began venting to Tommy and telling her why the boutique owner got under her skin, and Tommy clarified a situation where Christie wanted Jack out and then changed her mind, which ended up making them look bad.

He then shared his only secret; that he and Christie knew each other before entering the Big Brother house. Holly and Jackson both looked shocked, and the pageant beauty apologized to him for bad-mouthing her.

The showmance immediately embraced Tommy as he cried and they continued to apologize. She then asked for more detail, but the feeds cut, preventing the viewers from hearing the rest of their conversation.

It’s rumored that Tommy’s aunt did not sign the release forms to be mentioned on Big Brother which is production had to turn off the cameras. How will Tommy’s confession affect his game? Keep watching Big Brother Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.

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