'Big Brother': Could Houseguests Get Kicked Off the Show for Fighting?

Things get heated between the stars of Big Brother because the competition leads to people going against each other. It’s also not easy having to be around each other all of the time in the game.

Sometimes things even get physical between houseguests. Could they get kicked off the show for fighting? Here is everything you need to know.

Isabella Wang and Kemi Fakunle had to be separated after getting physical

The former friends are at odds after Isabella Fakunle was evicted. That’s because Kemi Fakunle called Wang out in her eviction speech to say that she is playing both sides in the house.

Wang later talked about Fakunle, who overhead. When Fakunle confronted Wang about it things got more heated to where they were close while facing off with each other. Wang attempted to put her hands on Fakunle to move her out of her way and Fakuncle pushed her hands away. They were then separated by other houseguests.

What would have happened if things got more physical? Well, houseguests have been kicked off the show before for fighting.

Justin Sebik was ejected for holding a knife to someone’s neck


Former houseguests were sent home without getting evicted for their scary behavior. One of them was Justin Sebik in Big Brother 2.

Justin Sebik and Krista Stegall were kissing in the kitchen when things took a turn. Sebik held a knife to her throat and asked, “Wait, hang on, I’m going to slash your throat. Would you get mad if I killed you now?” She answered, “No. But I want some water.”

The interaction wasn’t shown on television but reportedly was in the live feeds. Sebik was ejected from the house. He did try to explain his actions to host Julie Chen.

“If there is anyone who can perceive that as an act of violence or a threat, then you’re an idiot,” he said according to Entertainment Weekly. It was later revealed that he was previously charged with assault in 1996 then assault and theft in 1997.

Stegall later sued the show and claimed CBS should have been more vigorous in their screening. That’s not the only time someone got in trouble or the show’s casting process was questioned.

Scott Wintraub was ejected for throwing chairs


It didn’t take long for another houseguest to push the limits of the show. Scott Wintraub got in trouble on Big Brother 4.

He lasted eight days in the house because he wasn’t happy with his ex-girlfriend, Amanda Craig joining the house. The former houseguest responded by throwing chairs, which damaged the property. He later claimed he was angry because he contracted genital warts, which alarmed his fellow houseguests.

CEO Les Moonves later denied Wintraub was removed for having a sexually transmitted disease. “[Scott] was violent,” he said according to TV Guide. “He was throwing chairs around the house and people were afraid for their safety.”

In the end, houseguests can do a lot to manipulate each other during the game. However, they can’t get violent or threaten violence. People who have done it have been kicked off the show.

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