Big Brother Triple Eviction: Interesting scenarios in line for big night

The Big Brother Triple Eviction is nearly upon us. The epic night will end with three people from the BB22 cast going to the jury house.

Many scenarios could play out, but we already know who is going to get evicted first. Reading on will reveal that and several other Big Brother spoilers that haven’t been covered on the show yet, so be aware of that fact.

Cody Calafiore is about to see his week as the Head of Household come to an end. He will call it a successful one, as he is about to see his target evicted. His target was Kevin Campbell, and the odds are stacked against Kevin surviving the first Eviction Ceremony.

David Alexander has too many people still on the show who want to work with him, even though many of those houseguests simply see him as a number in the coming battle between members of The Committee. Cody and Tyler Crispen lead his list of potential allies.

Triple Eviction time on Big Brother

Once Kevin has been evicted on Thursday night, seven houseguests will be playing for the HOH power. As Cody watches, David, Tyler, Nicole Franzel, Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, Daniele Donato, and Enzo Palumbo will play in the first HOH Competition of the night.

The most interesting scenario — for television purposes and overall episode excitement — would be if David found a way to win the power. He would then have to nominate two people who are likely already aligned in the game.

If David were to win HOH, he would likely nominate two of the women who have been gunning for him this summer. Dani and Christmas could wind up on the block, and that would present a very interesting Veto Competition.

Dani would likely be in a lot of danger if she wound up on the block, no matter who the first new HOH of the night happens to be. She has strained her alliances with Dani and Cody, and that duo might not want to save her if it meant angering some of their stronger allies left in the game.

What if Tyler Crispen wins the first HOH?

It could also get very interesting if Tyler were to win the first HOH of the night. He doesn’t want to nominate David, but would he really be willing to become the first member of The Committee to take a shot at his fellow alliance members? He couldn’t use David as a pawn because then David would likely be joining the jury.

Nicole Franzel has talked a lot about finally winning her first competition of the summer on Thursday. If she were to win the first HOH, David would definitely go up on the block. And then would she use Enzo as a pawn since she isn’t in The Wise Guys alliance?

Don’t miss the excitement from Episode 25

Season 22, Episode 25, will be two hours long, and it begins at 8/7c on October 1. It will quickly have an Eviction Ceremony and then get into a week of events that the BB22 cast might assume is just a Double Eviction.

Hopefully, show producers and host Julie Chen Moonves don’t let anyone know that it is a Triple Eviction until after the second elimination. The looks on the faces of the BB22 cast would be worth it alone, especially since none of them (presumably) have been able to plan for it yet.

That might just save the season for a lot of fans. As for CBS viewers, the ratings are actually really strong right now, suggesting they will watch anything coming from the Big Brother house.

More Big Brother news

Something interesting happened on the Big Brother live feeds on Wednesday. Cody and Enzo talked about not getting to play with Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss this summer. There is even a video clip of the chat.

Also, make sure to remember that the Big Brother schedule has no more Sunday night episodes on it. CBS had to shift things, so here is an updated breakdown for how the rest of Big Brother All-Stars 2 will play out.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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