'Black Lightning': Questions We Have After Season 3 Episode 1

Black Lightning continues to delight and excite superhero fans. The show is finally back with season 3 episode 1, which is wonderful, but it leaves us with some questions to ponder. These questions may or may not be groundbreaking and might hint to some fans at what’s to come for this season.

In the latest episode, we see Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning, separated from his family except for his ex-wife Lynn Stewart. His daughters, Anissa and Jennifer, are at a loss when it comes to what to do without their parents around. Though their parents are divorced, there is still a lot of love there and the family is very close.

So it’s strange to see them separated. It raises a lot of questions.

Will the Pierce family fight crime together again after ‘Black Lightning’ season 3 episode 1?

Black Lightning season 3 episode 1 has our family of superheroes separated. This is strange, and a definite change for the show. We wonder, therefore, if they will eventually reunite.

Most likely they will eventually reassume their superhero alter egos. Is that when they will reunite? We don’t know. Yet it’s interesting to think about what might happen as the season progresses.

Will Jennifer be able to manage her powers?


In Black Lightning season 3 episode 1, Jennifer was shown escaping into the bathroom at school because her powers were causing her pain. Will she learn how to manage this pain? Or will her powers get the better of her?

It seems like there might be a simple solution. In order to not go through such pain, Jennifer needs to use her powers. So perhaps once her alter ego of Lightning is reborn, she will be okay. Yet for now, she’ll probably have to sneakily utilize her gifts.

Will Anissa find Grace?


Anissa was shown to be looking for her ex-love, Grace Choi, in Black Lightning season 3 episode 1. She clearly still cares about her and wants to know if she is alright. But will she find her?

Gambi showed her a video of what appeared to be a shapeshifter. Is that Grace? Is Anissa getting closer to her missing girlfriend? Or will she have to keep looking?


We don’t know the answers entirely but hopefully we will find out as the season progresses. Though Anissa has a lot to worry about right now, it would be nice if she and Grace could reunite. Anissa could use some love in her life. She does have the love of her family, but it would be nice if she had a partner in life.

Especially when she likely looks up to the love that her parents share. Anissa would probably love to have a similar relationship. And who knows, Grace might be the one.

We hope that these questions and more will be answered as the season progresses. It would be nice to see the Pierce family reunite, Jennifer gain full control over her powers, and Anissa find Grace. Though perhaps not all of these can be fit into one season, we still hope that they will all be somewhat resolved as the season progresses. We’re looking forward to every episode and are hoping that it will all turn out well.

Black Lightning will be intense this season and we look forward to every minute of it.

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