'British Greta Thunberg' says coronavirus is a 'byproduct of mistreating planet'

Young climate activist Bella Lack, who has been referred to as Britain’s answer to Greta Thunberg, has divided opinions after saying coronavirus is a ‘byproduct of mistreating planet’.

Bella, 17, chatted to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning about her aims to fight the climate crisis, and the movement helmed by many young people.

Eamonn asked her to speak on her belief that coronavirus is a byproduct of mistreating nature, with Bella correcting him that it’s not a belief, and that there have been studies on the matter.

‘The more we infringe into nature, especially deep into forests where we haven’t been before we weaken the buffer between us and viruses,’ she explained.

She pointed out that diseases we have faced in recent years are largely zoonoses (diseases passed onto humans from non-human animals), adding: ‘The more we continue to weaken the natural world, the more we’re weakening ourselves.’

Bella, who has been interested in climate activism since the age of 11, went on to say: ‘It’s going to get worse and worse and more extreme unless we drastically reduce the amount we’re impacting upon nature.’

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