C4 viewers shocked after ‘sex tourist grannies’ fly out for flings with younger Gambian men on Sex On The Beach

VIEWERS were left shocked as they watched "sex tourist grannies" fly out for flings with younger Gambian men on Sex On The Beach.

People at home cringed as the horny British grannies preyed on local men in West Africa in the gobsmacking C4 documentary.

The hour-long film aired on Monday night and investigated Gambia’s reputation as a destination for British sex tourists, with reporter Seyi Rhodes wanting to find out if such relationships could ever be genuine given the exchange in cash and difference in culture and age.

And viewers were stunned to see bars packed full of white women in search of sun, sea and sex as younger Gambian men courted their attention.

One pensioner even told journalist Seyi that the country was "paradise", because: "You can have a different man every night".

However, people at home said they found the programme "disturbing" to watch.

One said: "this sex on the beach programme is so disturbing —old white women preying on poor gambian men for sex , how ugly is that"

However one more said: "These horny grannies just want young men for sex. Some grannies are smart, after sexual favours they know how to end it and come back to Europe without any attachments."

Seyi spoke to Gambiam man Alka, 32, who said he had married a 68-year-old Belgian woman, although he originally claimed she was in her eighties.

He said he had never once asked for money, but that she sent him €60,000 (£54,000).

He added to producers: "In Gambia, we don’t care about ages. It’s just a number you know, age is just a number."

Speaking about their relationship, Francoise confessed that Alka makes her feel like a ‘newborn baby’ and that he’s given her a ‘second life’.

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