Call The Midwife star admits ‘more problems to come’

Call the Midwife: Preview for next episode

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Call the Midwife’s nurses and sisters have been struggling to get by as the funding for Nonnatus House has dwindled. Sister Julienne (played by Jenny Agutter) was recently informed that Nonnatus House would be losing its agency status and will be put in direct employment with the health service. Jenny recently opened up on what is to come for her staff and teased more trouble is ahead.

As the team begin to learn of new technological advancements such as ventouse deliveries and men having vasectomies, Sister Julienne is concerned about the future.

Jenny Agutter previously opened up about what is in store for Nonnatus House and teased that there is serious trouble ahead.

Speaking to and other press, she said: “There are lots more problems with what is going to happen to Nonnatus House.

“Of course facing things with the people she cares about, things like the Enoch Powell speech and what that does and how that changes things.

“Clearly that has a very big effect. The social issues impact as much as the economic ones I think for Sister Julienne, seeing all the changes take place.”

Touching on remembering the Enoch Powell speech when it first happened, she added: “I was a child but yes it really hit everybody as being extraordinary and when you hear it, it is shocking to realise that someone did that.

“Even as a child I was aware of what was going on and what people were saying about it, it was terrible.”

Jenny also touched on how long she thinks the series would run for, explaining: “We are bound by the years though, because of this thing of it being grounded in research and the time.

“The 60s were a very particular time of change and it is wonderful looking at that, it will be interesting to see how, if it went into the 70s what would happen.

“Because it would have to be completely different, so I mean, I have always felt we have taken it year by year.

“I don’t have Heidi’s imagination to see where she would take that, I’m sure she would do something extraordinary but I just feel it would be very different.”

During the latest episode Mr Threapwood, the Board of Health, told Sister Julienne: “At a time to be decided by the Board of Health, Nonnatus House will lose its agency status and autonomy.

“Every member of your staff including you will be in the direct employment of the health service, which can close you down as and when it deems appropriate.”

Fans of the show were left worried about what might happen to Nonnatus House and if the series could soon come to an end.

@xowildflowerxo exclaimed: “Ooh I’m not liking this board of health man. Feels like the beginning of the end.”

Bethany Jane expressed: “I’m not sure how I will cope if #CallTheMidwife ever ends.”

@evans_lush added: “Please keep Call the Midwife going. It’s the best Drama on TV and the characters [are] very much loved.” (sic)

Tonight, Trixie Franklin (Helen George) sets out to help an underage mother through a difficult birth and help her through the new family dynamic.

Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) welcomes an unusual guest to Nonnatus House, whilst Sister Veronica (Rebecca Gethings) spearheads a new council initiative.

Call the Midwife airs Sunday from 8pm on BBC One.

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